EGU22-5030, updated on 07 Sep 2023
EGU General Assembly 2022
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Mesoscale weather systems and their interactions with windfarms: A study for the Kattegat.

Jérôme Neirynck1, Ad Stoffelen2, Johan Meyers3, and Nicole van Lipzig1
Jérôme Neirynck et al.
  • 1KU Leuven, Geography and Tourism, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Belgium (
  • 2KNMI, R&D Satellite Observations, Netherlands
  • 3KU Leuven, Applied Mechanics and Energy conversion, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Belgium

Before an off-shore wind farm is built a thorough resource assessment of all available locations for the farm needs to be performed. Since the power extraction of a wind farm depends on the cube of the wind speed even the mesoscale variability in the wind speed plays an important role in the resource assessment of a wind farm. In order to study mesoscale systems that occur in the vicinity of off-shore wind farms we've set up a convection permitting simulation in COSMO-CLM for the Kattegat sea strait. The Kattegat is particularly interesting since it is an area which features a very irregularly shaped coastline and pronounced coastal effects. Centrally located in the Kattegat lays the 400 MW Anholt wind farm. Operational data of the Anholt wind farm and scatterometer data of the Kattegat are used to validate our simulation. A relatively good agreement between observations and the model output has been found. A variety of mesoscale systems has been identified, both in unstable (e.g. a downburst) as in stable (e.g. gravity waves) conditions. The wind speed variability on temporal scales and on spatial scales over the Kattegat has been investigated. The interactions of the Anholt wind farm with these systems have been investigated using the COSMO-CLM model which incorporates the Fitch wind farm parametrisation. This research is part of a larger project aiming at developing a fast and accurate resource planning and forecasting platform for off-shore wind farms. More information about this project can be found on

How to cite: Neirynck, J., Stoffelen, A., Meyers, J., and van Lipzig, N.: Mesoscale weather systems and their interactions with windfarms: A study for the Kattegat., EGU General Assembly 2022, Vienna, Austria, 23–27 May 2022, EGU22-5030,, 2022.