High-resolution weather and climate simulation | Virtual PICO
Convener: Samuel HatfieldECSECS | Co-conveners: Peter Düben, Claudia Frauen, Daniel Klocke, Vera Schemann

This session invites presentations on high-resolution simulations of weather and climate. This includes state-of-the-art global storm-resolving simulations for weather and climate prediction but also large-eddy simulations and high-resolution ocean modelling. Presentations can cover developments to improve model fidelity (e.g. via improved parametrisations), detailed studies of modelled phenomena at high-resolution (e.g. tropical cyclones) and the impacts of ocean-atmosphere coupling. However, reflecting the technical challenges of such simulations, we also welcome presentations about computational concerns, such as the effective use of heterogeneous supercomputers (including GPUs), domain-specific languages, and the development of new, efficient dynamical cores. We also welcome presentations from participants of international projects related to high-resolution weather and climate simulation, such as DYAMOND, PRIMAVERA, Destination Earth, NextGEMS and WarmWorld.