Forests in dynamic social-ecological contexts | Virtual PICO
Convener: Chinwe Ifejika Speranza | Co-conveners: Felicia Akinyemi, Vladimir WingateECSECS, Chidiebere OfoegbuECSECS

The state of forests across the world is an issue of great concern - forests are essential for various ecosystem functions but remain under enormous pressure from human land use. Forests regulate climate, hydrology, sequester carbon and provide various foods, medicines, timber and non-timber products. Considering these as essential ecological and social functions, the state of forests needs continuous monitoring. An understanding of the various factors and processes at play is crucial to ensure forest persistence in the face of environmental change and socioeconomic transformations. Multiple demands on forest, especially competing land uses, often threaten their existence. This session thus invites papers that analyse the state and dynamics of forests, investigate and differentiate how forests respond to changing ecological conditions, as well as the management and governance processes to sustain forests. We are particularly interested in methodological innovations in forest landscape research that address these points from both disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.