Dynamics of Groundwater Salinization
Convener: Christoph Külls | Co-conveners: Maria Dolores Fidelibus, Evangelos Tziritis, Gabriella Balacco, Fadoua Hamzaoui

Groundwater salinization in the Mediterranean is a phenomenon of increasing relevance and a focus area of subsurface water quality studies. Still, several recent reviews of the topic have identified that there still is a lack of studies addressing the temporal variations and spatial variations in groundwater and salinization in coastal aquifers in three dimensions. The session aims at exploring the dynamics of groundwater salinization. We invite contributions addressing temporal variations at all time scales and spatial or even combined spatial-temporal dynamics. Experimental data, projections, and reconstructions are needed showing variations of salinization at different time scales, from seasonal to historical and paleo-hydrological, e.g., by using residence time analysis combined with salinization indicators or modeling techniques. Hopefully, examples of receding salinization trends due to remediation or management actions can also be presented to show the dynamics of reverted salinization. We welcome high-resolution or long-time series of groundwater salinization related to tidal effects, pumping, or changing external driving forces that provide a better understanding of the dynamics of salinization. There is also an interest in spatial dynamics of the extent and development of transition zones between salt and fresh water. Contributions with various methodological approaches such as geophysics, geochemistry, environmental isotopes, remote sensing, multi-parameter monitoring, and combined approaches will be considered.
We aim at synthesizing and fostering a better understanding of common principles in the dynamics of the progression or recession of groundwater salinization.