EGU23-1289, updated on 22 Feb 2023
EGU General Assembly 2023
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Geomorphica, the new diamond open access journal in the field of geomorphology

Melanie A. Stammler1, Alice Lefebvre2, Rachel Bosch3, Roberto Fernández4, Matthieu Giaime5, and Guillaume Goodwin6
Melanie A. Stammler et al.
  • 1Department of Geography, Bonn University, Bonn, Germany (
  • 2MARUM, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
  • 3AECOM, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • 4Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn State, University Park, USA
  • 5ASM UMR5140, Université Montpellier 3, CNRS, MCC, 34000 Montpellier, France 
  • 6Pôle Continuité Ecologique, Fish-Pass Environnement, Laillé, France

Today we introduce you to Geomorphica, the new diamond open access journal in geomorphology. Next to Volcanica, Tektonika, Seismica and Sedimentologika, it adds to the growing family of Diamond Open Access Journals in the Geosciences. What exactly is diamond open access publishing? It describes a bottom-up publishing structure that reduces barriers in accessing scientific literature because there are no journal subscription fees and no article processing charges. As such, it allows the reader to access and the author to publish the article for free. Diamond open access publishing promotes inclusivity, equal access to information and provides the newest findings to a large and diverse audience.

Geomorphica has been community-built over the last year. Our structure comprises six commissions – format, website, communications, inclusivity, ethics, and editorial – and a steering committee formed of the chairs of each commission. We determined our name by poll in January and our logo by friendly competition in April. We started cooperating with the International Association of Geomorphology (IAG) in July and signed our hosting agreement with Penn State University in December 2022. At EGU 2023 we are excited to celebrate the achievements of the previous year as well as to exchange ideas on our future together. 

We welcome feedback, comments, ideas and a stimulating discussion from all sectors of the geoscientific community to help us continually improve the initiative. We are always looking for volunteers and we encourage everyone to start brainstorming on potential submissions to Geomorphica, as we plan to open a call for manuscript submissions in spring 2023.

How to cite: Stammler, M. A., Lefebvre, A., Bosch, R., Fernández, R., Giaime, M., and Goodwin, G.: Geomorphica, the new diamond open access journal in the field of geomorphology, EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, Austria, 24–28 Apr 2023, EGU23-1289,, 2023.