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EGU General Assembly 2024
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Evaluating the seasonal patterns of low flow in  Nakdong River basin using SWAT

Wonjin Kim, Si Jung Choi, and Seong Kyu Kang
Wonjin Kim et al.
  • Dept. of Hydro Science and Engineering Research, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, Goyang-si, Republic of Korea.


This study focuses on the seasonal patterns of low flow in the Nakdong River basin (23,635 km2), considering its vital role as a seasonal phenomenon and integral component of the flow regime. Low flow, derived from groundwater discharge or surface discharge from lakes and reservoirs, exhibits varying magnitudes and durations under seasonal changes, thereby holding significant implications for agricultural activities, aquatic species, and water quality. In the absence of gauge stations for small streams, Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) was employed to ensure reliable simulation for low flow along the target watershed, and the model was calibrated for the period of ten years (2010~2019) using observed data from multipurpose dams and multifunctional weirs within the target watershed. Based on the model results, spatio-temporal variations of low flow were estimated, and seasonality indices were adopted by means of understanding and analysing low flow characteristics. The indices include seasonlity histograms (SHs) depicting the monthly distribution of low flows, seasonlity index (SI) representing the average timing of low flows within a year, and seasonality ratio (SR) showing the ratio of summer to winter low flows. Subsequently, seasonal patterns of low flow in target watershed were evaluated under three indices to figure out the response of low flow in relation to watershed characteristics and climate variability.



Research for this paper was carried out under the KICT Research Program, Development of IWRM-Korea Technical Convergence Platform Based on Digital New Deal) funded by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

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