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EGU General Assembly 2024
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Development of monitoring techniques for Urban flood damage

Ki-Won Lee, Jongseok Lee, and Jooyeong Yoon
Ki-Won Lee et al.
  • Water Origin, Korea, Republic of (

The frequency and extent of damage from urban flooding are increasing more and more due to rapid urbanization and climate change. The Dorimcheon Stream drainage Basin, a tributary of the Han River in Seoul, is one of the areas prone to frequent flooding during the flood season. When heavy rain occurs and the water level of the Han River rises, the water that was discharged into Dorimcheon through the Storm Sewer System cannot be drained and rather flowed back. In order to manage urban flooding that occurs in the Dorimcheon Stream drainage Basin, it is necessary to measure the water level at the confluence, the water level at the urban storm drain system and at roads in the flood monitoring area. There are many water level observation stations in the Han River, so anyone can easily check water level changes in real time. However, in the Dorimcheon stream basin, it is necessary to install other monitoring devices to monitor changes in water levels in storm drains or roads. In this study, an IOT-based water level gauge which is capable of real-time monitoring for storm drains and roads were researched and developed to monitor urban flooding in order to contribute to quick decision-making during urban flood forecasting and warning. It is expected that the developed monitoring device will be installed at a number of points, and use analysis of the acquired data, it will be possible to manage damage from urban flooding more scientifically and effectively.


Keywords : Urban flood, Water level gauge, real-time monitoring


Acknowledgement : This work was supported by Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute(KEITI) through R&D Program for Innovative Flood Protection Technologies against Climate Crisis Project, funded by Korea Ministry of Environment(MOE)(2022003470002)

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