CL1.2.4 | State-of-the-art in ice core sciences


State-of-the-art in ice core sciences
Convener: Rachael Rhodes | Co-conveners: Hans Christian Steen-Larsen, Lison SoussaintjeanECSECS, Piers LarkmanECSECS, Thomas Blunier

The half-century since the first deep ice core drilling at Camp Century, Greenland, has seen increased spatial coverage of polar ice cores, as well as extensive development in methods of ice sample extraction, analysis and interpretation. This growth and innovation continues as we address pressing scientific questions surrounding past climate dynamics, environmental variability and glaciological phenomena. New challenges include the retrieval of old, highly thinned ice, interpretation of altered chemical signals, and the integration of chemical proxies into earth system models. We invite contributions reporting the state-of-the-art in ice coring sciences, including drilling and processing, dating, analytical techniques, results and interpretations of ice core records from polar ice sheets and mid- and low-latitude glaciers, remote and autonomous methods of surveying ice stratigraphy, proxy system modelling and related earth system modelling. We particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers from across the broad international ice core science community. This session is supported by the European DEEPICE training network for early career scientists.