CL5.5 | Regional climate modeling, including CORDEX


Regional climate modeling, including CORDEX
Convener: Eun-Soon Im | Co-conveners: Melissa Bukovsky, Csaba Zsolt TormaECSECS

Regional climate modeling has experienced tremendous growth in the last decades, encompassing a large and diverse scientific community. Regional climate models (RCMs) can be run on a wide range of scales, from hydrostatic to convection-resolving resolutions, supporting various applications. This session welcomes papers on methodological developments in regional climate modeling, performance analysis of RCMs, use of RCMs for regional processes studies, past and future climate projections as well as studies on extreme events and impact assessment. Additionally, the session encourages submissions related to the CORDEX program, including the analysis of CORDEX-CORE experiments and simulations within the framework of different CORDEX Flagship Pilot Studies. We anticipate that this session will provide a platform for discussing the progress of RCM-related research and fostering future collaborations.