Poster Programme NWP5


Probabilistic medium- and long-range weather forecasting
Convener: R. Buizza  | Co-Convener: R. Hagedorn 
Oral Programme
 / Thu, 15 Sep, 11:00–13:00  / Room Harvard
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 15 Sep, 16:00–17:00  / Poster Hall (Ground Floor)

Attendance Time: Thursday, 15 September 2011, 16:00–17:00
Poster Hall (Ground Floor)
Chairperson: Renate Hagedorn
PH199 EMS2011-383
Generating space-time auto-correlated fields on the sphere (withdrawn)
M. Charron and L. Spacek

Chairperson: Renate Hagedorn
Neural Network and Superensemble Applications for Ensemble Forecasting
S. Cakir and M. Kadioglu

Chairperson: Renate Hagedorn
EMS2011-504 | presentation
A new slab ocean model definition in the GLOBO AGCM
C. Rendina, P. Malguzzi, D. Mastrangelo, A. Buzzi, and O. Drofa

Chairperson: Renate Hagedorn
Ensemble regional forecasting of an extreme precipitation event
K. Veljovic, B. Rajkovic, and A. Krzic

Chairperson: Renate Hagedorn
PH203 EMS2011-359
10-Year Eta Model Seasonal Hindcasts Over South America (withdrawn)
J. Bustamante and S. C. Chou