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EMS Annual Meeting 2021
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EUMETNET SRNWPEPS-EPS project and convection-permitting LAM-EPS database

Alfons Callado-Pallarès
Alfons Callado-Pallarès
  • Spanish Meteorological Agency (acalladop@aemet.es)

SRNWP-EPS module/project into EUMETNET NWP Cooperation Programme has as main goals facilitating and coordinating the cooperation on developing reliable mesoscale convection-permitting ensemble systems (LAM-EPS) in Europe, and, at the same time, grouping efforts developing tools which can be smoothly applied to any LAM-EPS. This is motivated by the fact that the development of LAM-EPS capabilities in Europe is crucial for forecasting a range of weather phenomena and in particular for improving HIW (High Impact Weather) prediction. Due   to the latter, the current SRNWP-EPS 2019-2023 phase is focused on extreme events.

The project results as a survey on products for high-impact weather forecasting and the R2O (Research to Operations) LAM-EPS applications will be presented. The three main R2O forecasting tools developed as project requirements are: calibration of daily and  12 hours extremes for variables such as 10 metres maximum wind gusts, maximum accumulated precipitation, maximum and minimum2m temperatures; the forecasting post-processing LAM-EPS products devoted to HIW forecasting and focused on aeronautics such as icing, thunderstorms’ diagnostic and classification, clear-air turbulence and fog; and tools to apply in an affordable way an Extreme Forecast Index (EFI) and Shift of Tales Index (SOT) on LAM-EPSs.

Moreover, an off-line database of European convection-permitting LAM-EPS ensembles has been established at ECMWF, which archives convection related parameters close to the surface. The aim of LAM-EPS database is to foster coordinate research and collaborations around LAM-EPSs in order to improve HIW events bringing together all European LAM-NWP consortia (ALADIN, HIRLAM, COSMO, LACE, MetOffice partners, etc.). At the time of writing, nine participants are currently archiving since 1st of June of 2020: MOGREPS-UK (MetOffice), MEPS (MetCoOp), γSREPS (AEMET), IT-EPS (ItAF-REMET), IREPS (Met Éireann), COMEPS (DMI), MF-AromeEps (MétéoFrance), RMI-EPS (RMI) and ICON-D2-EPS (DWD). The SRNWP-EPS convection-permitting LAM-EPS database is currently being used by project research sub-groups, for example to check multi-ensemble performance or comparing two LAM-EPSs in their common overlapping area.

How to cite: Callado-Pallarès, A.: EUMETNET SRNWPEPS-EPS project and convection-permitting LAM-EPS database, EMS Annual Meeting 2021, online, 6–10 Sep 2021, EMS2021-363, https://doi.org/10.5194/ems2021-363, 2021.


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