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Vol. 18, EMS2021-407, 2021
EMS Annual Meeting 2021
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Weather forecasts - the islands of calmness in the rough TV sea

Stanislava Tsalova
Stanislava Tsalova
  • bTV Media Group, Sofia, Bulgaria

People who are not involved in doing Weather forecast presentations, think that it is something easy to prepare. But it needs experience to present the weather data and forecast, which is scientific information in a way understandable for the TV viewers. Weather forecasts have always been islands of positive emotions in TV programs. 

The past year was very challeging for all TV stations around the world. In all the news and TV shows the main topic was Coronavirus disease. Now, more than ever TV weather forecast's role became to provide some positive emotions to the people who are so much got tired of the bad and scary news on their TVs. The fact is that during the pandemic the TV ratings are higher made our responsibility even bigger.

While preparing my weather presentations, even in cases of severe weather my top priority was not to scare people, who were scared enough. When showing weather videos, I avoided such with disasters. Instead I showed more wildlife and educational weather videos. Unlike before, in 2020/2021 years I definitely avoided climate change topic. 

While chatting about weather on air with the news and morning shows anchors, the chat had sometimes escalated to bursting into laughter. Unlike before, our viewers approved that highly, because everybody is under pressure now and such stress release things were more than welcome. The weather forecast now became more than ever an island of calmness and hope for a better tomorrow in the rough TV sea.

I want to share my experience and to exchange opinion on that topic with collegues from other countries and TV stations.

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