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Keynote Presentation Engagement with Society

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Keynote Presentation Engagement with Society
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| Wed, 08 Sep, 16:00–16:30 (CEST)
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Tomas Molina is the Chief Meteorologist of Televisió de Catalunya in Barcelona, a position he has held since 1987. He has vast experience in the entire  broadcast media industry, working on radio broadcasting and TV Weather Forecasting.
He is an Associate Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona and recently became European Climate Pact Ambassador of the European Union. He also serves on the Board of the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology (IABM) as one of the Vice Presidents.
He has a degree in Physics and currently working on a PhD in Science  Communication from University of Barcelona.

Tomas Molina will give the Keynote Presentation of the Programme Stream Engagement with Society:

Flattening the climate curve

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Presentations: Wed, 8 Sep

Chairpersons: Tanja Cegnar, Gerald Fleming
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Engagement with Society
tomas molina

With the arrival of COVID we have learned how to flatten the "pandemic curve" during the past year. Now it is time to finally flatten the global warming, climate change curve.

The scientific knowledge is clear and unequivocal, but we must now strengthen our scientific communication to the general population, to governments, to industry, and to the private sector, to drive changes to our social behaviour as individuals, workers, communities and general society.

We talk a lot about private and public partnership; we need also to include also the scientific community in this cooperation. All of society needs to know and understand the challenges, in order to drive changes in social behaviour that reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

How to cite: molina, T.: Flattening the climate curve, EMS Annual Meeting 2021, online, 6–10 Sep 2021, EMS2021-483,, 2021.

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