4-9 September 2022, Bonn, Germany
EMS Annual Meeting Abstracts
Vol. 19, EMS2022-706, 2022
EMS Annual Meeting 2022
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The Needs of Re-users of Authoritative Hydromet Warnings - Lessons Learned from Meteoalarm

Rainer Kaltenberger
Rainer Kaltenberger

EUMETNET Meteoalarm acts as a one-stop-shop for bringing together in one place the authoritative hydromet warnings of 37 National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in Europe. Global enterprises such as Google, Apple, IBM/The Weather Channel and AccuWeather, who aim to provide a high-quality information service to their users, ingest warnings from European NMHSs, which have been submitted to Meteoalarm via the XML-based Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) format and the Meteoalarm CAP Profile, into their systems. This allows the warning products and services of the relevant NMHSs to reach hundreds of millions end-users 24/7, helping to contribute to public safety in Europe and to offer a seamless transboundary warning service to citizens. Well known products and services of these companies include the standard weather apps for Android and iPhone, weather widgets for Windows 10 and 11 and many others. The engagement of these major re-users allows NMHSs to successfully bridge the often-quoted "last mile" delivery to end-users, which NMHSs by themselves can struggle to achieve. Based on a recent workshop, a survey, and more than ten years of hand-on experience in cooperating with these and other partners, this contribution will give an overview of the needs of re-users in the private sector, both technically and content-wise, with respect to hydromet warnings and connected meta-data. Finally the presentation will discuss future possibilities in deepening cooperation between the public and private sectors, including possible ways and means through which this successful cooperation could, based on user-profiling at the re-users side, in future potentially lead to tailor-made and user-specific impact warnings.

How to cite: Kaltenberger, R.: The Needs of Re-users of Authoritative Hydromet Warnings - Lessons Learned from Meteoalarm, EMS Annual Meeting 2022, Bonn, Germany, 5–9 Sep 2022, EMS2022-706, https://doi.org/10.5194/ems2022-706, 2022.

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