Subsurface Investigations of Planets, Moons and Small Bodies
Convener: V. Ciarletti  | Co-Conveners: S. Clifford , W. Kofman , N. André 
Oral Program
 / Tue, 04 Oct, 15:30–17:00  / Room Mercure Room
Poster Program
 / Attendance Tue, 04 Oct, 17:30–19:00  / Poster Area

Subsurface investigation of planets, moons and other Solar System objects either by radar or by other techniques can provide important insights into their composition, structure and evolution; the potential existence of habitable environments; and the availability of critical in situ resources for supporting future human exploration. Abstracts addressing results from current missions, Earth-based observations, theoretical and laboratory analyses relevant to the interpretation of radar data, field investigations of analogue environments, and potential future investigations, are specifically encouraged.