EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019
Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG) | Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019
Geneva | Switzerland
15–20 September 2019



The field of extrasolar planets is one of the most rapidly changing areas of astrophysics and planetary science. Ground-based surveys and dedicated space missions have already discovered nearly 4000 planets with many more detections expected in the near future. A key challenge is now the characterisation of their atmospheres in order to answer to the questions: what are these worlds actually like and what processes govern their formation and evolution?

To answer these questions, a broad range of skills and expertise are required, stretching from Solar System science to statistical astrophysics, from ground-based observations to spacecraft measurements, and atmospheric/interior/orbital modelling. The numerous studies conducted in the past twenty years have unveiled a large diversity of atmospheres. The next generation of space and ground based facilities (e.g. E-ELT, JWST, and ARIEL) will characterise this multifarious population in stunning detail and challenge our current understanding. Both theoretical works and experimental measurements are required to prepare for such a change of scale.

This session will focus on the atmospheric characterisation of warm planets (from ultra-hot to warm, including Super-Earths) and the conveners welcome any abstract related to this subject.

Convener: Olivia Venot | Co-conveners: Vivien Parmentier, Giovanna Tinetti, Martin Turbet, Ingo Waldmann
| Mon, 16 Sep, 13:30–18:25
Uranus (Room 4)
| Attendance Tue, 17 Sep, 17:15–18:45 | Display Mon, 16 Sep, 08:30–Wed, 18 Sep, 11:00|Level 2

Monday, 16 September 2019 | Uranus (Room 4)

Chairperson: Ingo Waldmann
13:30–13:40 |
Manuel López-Puertas, Alejandro Sánchez-López, Francisco J. Alonso-Floriano, Ignas I. A. G. Snellen, Evangelos Nagel, Florian Bauer, Lisa Nortmann, Pedro J. Amado, José A. Caballero, Andreas Quirrenbach, Ignasi Ribas, and Ansgars Reiner
13:40–13:50 |
Jens Hoeijmakers, David Ehrenreich, Daniel Kitzmann, Romain Allart, Simon Grimm, Julia Seidel, Aurélien Wyttenbach, Lorenzo Pino, Louise Nielsen, Chloe Fisher, Paul Rimmer, Vincent Bourrier, Heather Cegla, Baptiste Lavie, Christophe Lovis, Beate Patzer, Joachim Stock, Francesco Pepe, and Kevin Heng
13:50–14:00 |
Julia Victoria Seidel, David Ehrenreich, and Vincent Bourrier
14:00–14:10 |
Robert Hargreaves, Iouli Gordon, Roman Kochanov, and Laurence Rothman
14:10–14:20 |
Denis Shulyak, Miriam Rengel, Ansgar Reiners, Ulf Seeman, and Fei Yan
14:30–14:40 |
David Ehrenreich and the ESPRESSO Consortium
14:40–14:50 |
Laura Mayorga, Natasha Batalha, Nikole Lewis, and Mark Marley
14:50–15:00 |
Giuseppe Morello, Camilla Danielski, Pascal Tremblin, Marine Martin-Lagarde, Daniel Dicken, and Pierre-Olivier Lagage
Coffee break
Chairperson: Olivia Venot
15:30–15:40 |
Ludmila Carone, Robin Baeyens, Paul Molliere, Patrick Barth, Allona Vazan, Leen Decin, Paula Sarkis, Olivia Venot, and Thomas Henning
15:40–15:50 |
Self-Consistent Phase Curve Retrieval
Jasmina Blecic
15:50–16:00 |
Jake Taylor
16:00–16:10 |
William Pluriel, Jérémy Leconte, Tiziano Zingales, Vivien Parmentier, Ingo Waldmann, and Anthony Caldas
16:10–16:20 |
Benjamin Fleury, Murthy Gudipati, Bryana Henderson, and Mark Swain
16:20–16:30 |
Karan Molaverdikhani, Thomas Henning, and Paul Mollière
16:30–16:40 |
Mareike Godolt, Franz Schreier, Luisa M. Lara, Manuel Lampon, Philipp Baumeister, Fabian Wunderlich, Jasmine MacKenzie, and Nicola Tosi
16:40–16:50 |
Vivien Parmentier, Mike Line, Jacob Bean, Megan Mansfield, Laura Kreidberg, Roxana Lupu, Jonathan Fortney, Adam Showman, Mark Marley, Jean-Michel Desert, Channon Visscher, Magali Deleuil, and Jacob Arcangeli
16:50–17:00 |
The atmospheric metallicity of exoplanets
Jean-Michel Desert, Jacob Arcangeli, Michael Line, Jacob Bean, Vivien Parmentier, Jonathan Fortney, Megan Mansfield, and Adam Showman
Chairperson: Vivien Parmentier
17:15–17:25 |
Kai Hou Yip, Angelos Tsiaras, Ingo Waldmann, and Giovanna Tinetti
17:25–17:35 |
Olivia Venot, Thibault Cavalié, Roda Bounaceur, Pascal Tremblin, Michel Dobrijevic, Eric Hébrard, Benjamin Drummond, and Benjamin Charnay
17:55–18:05 |
Joanna Barstow, Stefan Lines, Nathan Mayne, James Manners, Ian Boutle, Graham Lee, Patrick Irwin, and Christiane Helling
18:05–18:15 |
Anna Julia Poser, Nadine Nettelmann, and Ronald Redmer
18:15–18:25 |
Billy Edwards, Lorenzo Mugnai, Giovanna Tinetti, Enzo Pascale, and Subhajit Sarkar