Poster Program MG5


Comparative auroral processes
Convener: L. Lamy  | Co-Conveners: A. Radioti , S. Badman 
Oral Program
 / Thu, 11 Sep, 14:00–17:35  / Room Neptune
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 11 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 11 September 2014, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
Chairperson: T. Stallard
Effect of Jovian magnetic field on Io's spot emission
V.E. Shaposhnikov, H.O. Rucker, V.V. Zaitsev, and G.V. Litvinenko

Saturn's auroral morphology and field-aligned currents during a solar wind compression
S.V. Badman, G. Provan, E.J. Bunce, D.G. Mitchell, H. Melin, J.D. Nichols, S.L. Jinks, S.W.H. Cowley, T. Stallard, A. Radioti, W.R. Pryor, W.S. Kurth, R.H. Brown, K.H. Baines, and M.K. Dougherty

APIS : a value-added database of HST UV planetary auroral observations acquired since 1997
L. Lamy, F. Henry, R. Prangé, and P. Le Sidaner

P122 EPSC2014-146
A remarkable event of tail reconnection at Saturn: UV auroral observations (withdrawn)
A. Radioti, D. Grodent, X. Jia, J.-C. Gérard, B. Bonfond, J. Gustin, W. Pryor, D. Mitchell, and C.M. Jackman