Poster Program EX4


Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems
Convener: D. Turrini 
Oral Program
 / Mon, 08 Sep, 16:00–19:00  / Room Venus
Poster Program
 / Attendance Tue, 09 Sep, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
P81 EPSC2014-32
Life in Universe: are we alone or there are many like we? (Mathematical approach) (withdrawn)
G. G. Kochemasov

Poster Area
P82 EPSC2014-79
The universal stellar law with point of view of regression dependences for multi-planet exoplanetary systems (withdrawn)
A.M. Krot

Poster Area
P83 EPSC2014-202
Formation of embryos of the Earth-Moon system at the stage of rarefied condensations (withdrawn)
S. Ipatov

Poster Area
P84 EPSC2014-213
On the Movement of ensembles of objects (planets, tectonic of the plates) by the spatio-temporal technology (withdrawn)
N. Bulatova

Poster Area
PFO-CFO Hypothesis of Solar System formation: its actuality and physical and chemical grounds
V.E. Ostrovskii and E.A. Kadyshevich

Poster Area
Magnetic Field and Plate Tectonics on Super Earths
S. Cai and W. Zhang

Poster Area
Carbon-rich planet formation in a solar composition disk: The example of WASP 12b
M. Ali-Dib, O. Mousis, J.-M. Petit, and J. I. Lunine