Poster Program TP4


Lunar Science and Exploration
Convener: B. Foing  | Co-Conveners: H. Hiesinger , M. Anand , R. Jaumann , S. Dellagnello , P. Pinet , D. Daou , G. Schmidt 
Oral Program
 / Wed, 30 Sep, 09:00–12:25  / 14:00–19:30  / Room Jupiter
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 01 Oct, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 1 October 2015, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
Chairperson: Bernard Foing
P22 EPSC2015-29
The researches on selenodesy and lunar dynamics in Kazan (withdrawn)
Y. Nefedyev, N. Petrova, N. Varaksina, C. Churkin, R. Zabbarova, and A. Andreev

Poster Area
P23 EPSC2015-31
Using Huber's robust method in astronomy for reduction of the selenodesic observations (withdrawn)
Y. Nefedyev, V. Bezmenov, S. Demin, K. Churkin, and A. Andreev

Poster Area
P24 EPSC2015-32
The analysis of the lunar centre masses position (withdrawn)
A. Andreev, Y. Nefedyev, N. Petrova, N. Varaksina, K. Churkin, and R. Zabbarova

Poster Area
P25 EPSC2015-34
The making of selenocentric dynamical catalogue in lunar libration zone (withdrawn)
Y. Nefedyev, N. Petrova, N. Varaksina, K. Churkin, R. Zabbarova, and A. Andreev

Poster Area
Petrological Mapping of the Crater Boguslawsky
C. Wöhler, N. A. Evdokimova, E. A. Feoktistova, A. Grumpe, K. Kapoor, A. A. Berezhnoy, and V. V. Shevchenko

Poster Area
Lunar investigations at the Kazan University: the physical libration – analytical and numerical approach, the lunar coordinate systems
N. Petrova, Yu. Nefediev, A. Zagidullin, and V. Kosoulin

Poster Area
Numerical approach to constructing the lunar physical libration: results of the initial stage
A. Zagidullin, N. Petrova, Yu. Nefediev, V. Usanin, and M. Glushkov

Poster Area
Virtual Moon Atlas Pro 6.0 freeware

Poster Area
P30 EPSC2015-191
Dust particle release from the lunar surface: role of adhesion and meteoroid impacts (withdrawn)
S.I. Popel, A.P. Golub', Yu. N. Izvekova, G.G. Dol'nikov, A.V. Zakharov, and L.M. Zelenyi

Poster Area
EPSC2015-208 | presentation
On the Chemical Evolution of the Impact-Generated Protolunar Disk
B. Brugger, O. Mousis, S. Charnoz, P. Vernazza, and M. Ali-Dib

Poster Area
Bidirectional Reflectance of icy Samples: Application to water ice detection on the Moon and Mercury
Z. Yoldi Martínez de Mandojana, A. Pommerol, B. Jost, O. Poch, J. Gouman, and N. Thomas

Poster Area
Designed and Implementation of Lunar Immersive Visualization System Based on Chang’E-3 Data of Panoramic Camera
X.Y Gao, L.J Liu, X Ren, L.L Mu, C.L Li, W Yan, F.F Wang, W.R Wang, and X.G Zeng

Poster Area
In situ pyro-gc-ms chemical analysis of lunar soils : a ground truth to interpret analyses of the samples returned from the Moon
C. Szopa, M. Gerasimov, P. Wurz, L. Hofer, M. Cabane, P. Coll, A. Buch, A.G. Sapgir, S.A. Aseev, M.A. Zaitsev, and D. Coscia

Poster Area
Mapping the crust/mantle boundary with the Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument data
M. Martinot, S. Besse, J. Flahaut, J.-F. Blanchette-Guertin, P. Isaacson, and W. van Westrenen

Poster Area
Lunar rovers and archive panoramas: Past for the Future
N. Kozlova, A. Zubarev, A. Solodovnikova, Yu. Rybakin, A. Garov, A. Abdrakhimov, and I. Karachevtseva

Poster Area
P37 EPSC2015-550
Mineralogical and morphological analysis of Lunar Floor-fractured crater Atlas using high-resolution remote sensing data (withdrawn)
M. Chauhan

Poster Area
P38 EPSC2015-559
Remote observation of lunar crater Hayn for mineralogical analysis using datasets from recent lunar missions (withdrawn)
M. Chauhan

Poster Area
Morphometric analysis of Linné crater and relations with numerical modelling
V. Vivaldi, E. Martellato, M. Massironi, A. Ninfo, and G. Cremonese

Poster Area
GRAIL gravity field recovery using the short-arc integral equation technique: development of the latest Graz lunar gravity field model (GrazLGM)
S. Krauss, B. Klinger, O. Baur, and T. Mayr-Guerr

Poster Area
Lunar impact flashes: Results from 56 hours of video survey data observed by using one telescope
M. Ait Moulay Larbi, Z. Benkhaldoun, D. Baratoux, A. Daassou, and S. Bouley

Poster Area
P42 EPSC2015-752
Mechanism of formation of water molecules incorporated in near-surface lunar soil (withdrawn)
A.Yu. Dubinskii and S.I. Popel

Poster Area
P43 EPSC2015-896
Spatial distribution of steep slopes on the Moon (withdrawn)
M. A. Kreslavsky and J. W. Head

Poster Area
Strategy for the International Lunar Decade
V. Beldavs, D. Dunlop, and B. Foing