Poster Program TP6


Mineralogy and chemistry of the planet Mars
Convener: N. Mangold  | Co-Conveners: J. Bridges , L. Le Deit 
Oral Program
 / Fri, 02 Oct, 09:00–12:30  / 14:00–15:30  / Room Jupiter
Poster Program
 / Attendance Thu, 01 Oct, 17:45–19:15  / Poster Area

Attendance Time: Thursday, 1 October 2015, 17:45–19:15
Poster Area
Chairperson: N. Mangold, L. Le Deit
P45 EPSC2015-842
The Importance of Martian Clays as Indicators of Atmospheric and Ground Conditions at time of Formation. (withdrawn)
D. Williams, M. Grande, and M. Wilding

Poster Area
Valles Marineris ILDs: updated mapping of sulfates from the whole OMEGA dataset
P. Thollot, N. Mangold, and S. Le Mouélic

Poster Area
P47 EPSC2015-43
Martian basalts-Planetary analogue of terrestrial MORBs? (withdrawn)
D. Ray and S. Misra

Poster Area
P48 EPSC2015-45
Field and spectral investigation of gypsum deposit, Tamil Nadu, India: A martian analogue site (withdrawn)
M. Singh, B. Kannan, and V.J. Rajesh

Poster Area
Classification Scheme for Diverse Sedimentary and igneous Rocks encoutered by the Curiosity Rover
M. E. Schmidt, N. Mangold, M. Fisk, O. Forni, S. M. McLennan, D. W. Ming, D. Y. Sumner, V. Sautter, and A. J. Williams

Poster Area
Evaluating the homogeneity of the X-ray amorphous component along the Curiosity rover traverse
E. Dehouck and S. M. McLennan

Poster Area
Detections of carbonates in Valles Marineris
B. Bultel, C. Quantin-Nataf, J. Flahaut, M. Andréani, and L. Lozac'h