European Planetary Science Congress 2018
16–21 September 2018
TU Berlin | Berlin | Germany

Poster programme OPS4


Juno at Jupiter and Supporting Earth-Based Observations
Convener: Scott Bolton  | Co-conveners: Alberto Adriani , Jack Connerney , Tristan Guillot , Alessandro Mura 
Oral programme
 / Thu, 20 Sep, 10:45–12:20  / Room Saturn
 / Thu, 20 Sep, 14:00–18:00  / Room Jupiter
Poster programme
 / Attendance Thu, 20 Sep, 18:15–20:00  / Display Thu, 20 Sep, 08:00–20:00  / Poster area

Display time: Thursday, 20 September 2018 08:00–20:00
Attendance Time: Thursday, 20 September 2018, 18:15–20:00
Poster area
Chairperson: G. Orton
Juno and the New Renaissance
Theodore Clarke

Short-term and long-term variability of Jupiter’s auroral stratosphere
James Sinclair, Glenn Orton, Thomas Greathouse, Yasumasa Kasaba, Takao Sato, Rohini Giles, Henrik Melin, Leigh Fletcher, Julianne Moses, and Patrick Irwin

Jovian broadband kilometric radio sources correlated with the ultraviolet main oval as viewed from Juno
Masafumi Imai, Thomas K. Greathouse, G. Randall Gladstone, William S. Kurth, Corentin K. Louis, George B. Hospodarsky, Philippe Zarka, Scott J. Bolton, John E.P. Connerney, and Steven M. Levin

A possible determination of Jupiter's frequency-dependent tides at the end of the Juno mission
Virginia Notaro, Daniele Durante, and Luciano Iess

Toward modeling Jupiter's 3D shape and gravity field
Nadine Nettelmann

P9 EPSC2018-87
Cyclonic activities on Jupiter and Earth; catastrophic atmospheric phenomena of the wave nature: El-Nino, cyclon, tornado (withdrawn)
Gennady G. Kochemasov

Long-term behavior of Jovian polar vortices from JunoCam observations
Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili, Glenn Orton, Candice Hansen, John Rogers, Gerald Eichstädt, Tom Momary, Mike Caplinger, Mike Ravine, and Scott Bolton

First hints on tropospheric composition at Jupiter’s polar regions from JIRAM-Juno data
Davide Grassi, Alberto Adriani, Alessandro Mura, and Scott Bolton

P12 EPSC2018-1196
Exploring the differential rotation in Jupiter with Juno (withdrawn)
Yamila Miguel and Tristan Guillot

Jupiter's 2018 South Temperate Belt Disturbance: Observations and numerical modelling
Peio Iñurrigarro, Ricardo Hueso, Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Jon Legarreta, and Josep María Gómez-Forrellad

P14 EPSC2018-938
Constraining spatial and temporal variations in Jupiter's vertical cloud and chromophore structure (2014-2018) with VLT/MUSE (withdrawn)
Ashwin Braude, Patrick Irwin, Glenn Orton, Leigh Fletcher, and Matthew Wittal

P15 EPSC2018-1144
Assessing quasi-periodicities in Jovian X-ray emissions: techniques and statistical survey of Chandra observations (withdrawn)
Caitriona Jackman, Christian Knigge, Diego Altamirano, Randy Gladstone, William Dunn, Ron Elsner, Ralph Kraft, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, and Ford Peter