Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 – 24 September 2021
Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 September – 24 September 2021
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Vol. 15, EPSC2021-38, 2021, updated on 18 May 2022
Europlanet Science Congress 2021
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The multi-wavelength phase curves of minor bodies from the SLOAN Moving Objects Catalog

Alvaro Alvarez-Candal1,2,3, Paula Benavidez2,4, Adriano Campo Bagatin2,4, Toni Santana-Ros4,5, and Santiago Jimenez Corral6
Alvaro Alvarez-Candal et al.
  • 1Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía / CSIC, Granada, Spain
  • 2Instituto Universitario de Física Aplicada a las Ciencias y las Tecnologías, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain
  • 3Observatório Nacional / MCTIC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 4Departamento de Fisica, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Teoría de la Señal, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain
  • 5Institut de Ciències del Cosmos (ICCUB), Universitat de Barcelona (IEEC-UB), Barcelona, Spain
  • 6Universidad Internacional de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Phase curves of minor bodies describe their brightness change with phase angle, once distance effects have been removed. Using phase curves it is possible to obtain absolute magnitudes, useful parameters as they can be used as a proxy of sizes, with limitations due to albedo. In particular, in this work, we present phase curves of several thousands of minor objects in the filter system of the SLOAN Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

We obtained the phase curves using the Moving Object Catalog (MOC) of the SDSS including in the final uncertainties those of the input magnitudes and also the uncertainty due to the likely change in magnitude due to rotational variation of the objects. The final products are the absolute magnitudes Hλ and G12λ, where λ indicates any of the five central wavelengths of the SDSS filter system. We computed colors at zero phase angle, or absolute colors, that are not affected by phase effects and could be used as a benchmark for future studies. We also analyze the behavior at small phase angles (<7.5 degrees) where the opposition effect dominates.

How to cite: Alvarez-Candal, A., Benavidez, P., Campo Bagatin, A., Santana-Ros, T., and Jimenez Corral, S.: The multi-wavelength phase curves of minor bodies from the SLOAN Moving Objects Catalog, Europlanet Science Congress 2021, online, 13–24 Sep 2021, EPSC2021-38,, 2021.

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