Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 – 24 September 2021
Europlanet Science Congress 2021
Virtual meeting
13 September – 24 September 2021

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EPEC – EPEC Events


The Europlanet Early Career (EPEC) network is the official entity representing early careers in the Europlanet Society. Early Careers from all over the world are encouraged to participate in the EPEC assembly organized during the EPSC! At this assembly there will be an introduction to how EPEC is organized, an update on the past year's activities, and the latest news. By joining our community, you can get the chance of improving your teamwork skills and be involved in a variety of activities in a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment. EPEC is the place where your ideas matter and your voice is heard!

Convener: Ines Belgacem
Thu, 16 Sep, 13:00–14:15 (CEST)

Communicating science has become immensely more difficult in the age of Covid. Talking to a black zoom window without any grasp of the audience is a daunting task that can frustrate even the most enthusiastic communicator. In this short workshop, João Retrê will talk about the challenges of online communication, and on how to overcome them. The best practices to engage a virtual audience will be discussed and a small hands-on exercise will help improve your overall communication!

The course is limited in the number of participants so apply now to secure your spot at:

Conveners: Marco Pinto, João Retrê
Fri, 17 Sep, 12:45–14:15 (CEST)

Online conferences make it hard to connect with your fellow scientist colleagues. A bunch of black squares with white names in them - that's all we usually see in these conferences. But not this time! In the Icebreaker event, we will get to know the people behind their screens in a fun and playful way. Interested? Then join us on Wednesday afternoon in the Icebreaker event on Zoom!

Conveners: Joana Marques Oliveira, Shrrirup Nambiar
Wed, 15 Sep, 16:00–17:00 (CEST)

Science Flash is a one slide presentation within 180 seconds to present your thought provoking idea/research in Planetary Science. It is designed to quickly introduce the topic with zeal and enthusiasm in a creative and engaging way. Everybody is welcome to join, listen and rate the entertaining presentations. This year, we are also introducing a quiz to make it even more exciting! Come one, come all!
Do you think you have it in you? No registration is needed for the quiz, but if you are an early career scientist and want to present your research, you may register NOW by sending an email with your name and your institution to The deadline to hand in your slide in .pdf format is the 21st of September, 13:00 CEST. Please feel free to send an email regarding queries.

Conveners: Adhithiyan Neduncheran, J. D. Prasanna Deshapriya
Tue, 21 Sep, 13:00–14:15 (CEST)

By Dan Bower, senior research associate at the University of Bern.

Proposal writing is a fundamental component of modern-day science, in which a researcher proposes a line of research to a funding agency (or within a company) with the goal of securing the necessary resources to pursue the research. A successful proposal enables an individual researcher to direct and manage their own research and can provide additional benefits such as freedom to choose the institution where they conduct the research. Proposal writing occurs at all levels of academia and industry, from writing a travel grant application to applying for jobs or asking funding agencies to support your projects. Whilst the format and emphasis of a proposal can vary depending on the field and objectives, there are nevertheless basic rules that can be followed to enhance the prospects of success. In this short workshop Dan Bower (CSH, University of Bern) will present an overview of how to approach your first proposal.

Conveners: Dan Bower, Noah Jäggi, Jules Bourdelle de Micas
Wed, 22 Sep, 13:00–14:15 (CEST)

Come and join us for the Early Career social event, organized by EPEC. This is a great opportunity to get to know (or catch up) with your fellow early career researchers. Although our program officially ends at 19:30, the ‘virtual bar’ will remain open for those who want to hang out afterwards. And don’t forget, BYOB ;-)

For more details on other early career activities at EPSC2021, see the EPEC@EPSC Working Group page (

Conveners: Joana Marques Oliveira, Shrrirup Nambiar
Wed, 22 Sep, 18:30–19:30 (CEST)

By Alan Percy, head of counselling services at Oxford University.

Keeping work and leisure time in a healthy balance can be difficult, during PhD as well as afterwards. Alan Percy, head of counselling services at Oxford University, will talk about the importance of mental health, and give hands-on tips and advice on how to manage work mania and recovery times. He will also talk us through tips and needs that help our mental health and motivation during this "new normal".

Conveners: Alan Percy, Indhu Varatharajan, Jules Bourdelle de Micas
Fri, 24 Sep, 13:00–14:15 (CEST)