Europlanet Science Congress 2022
Palacio de Congresos de Granada, Spain
18 – 23 September 2022
Europlanet Science Congress 2022
Palacio de Congresos de Granada, Spain
18 September – 23 September 2022
EPSC Abstracts
Vol. 16, EPSC2022-1087, 2022
Europlanet Science Congress 2022
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Exoplanetary cloud retrieval using YunMa in transit spectroscopy

Sushuang Ma1, Quentin Changeat1, Ahmed Al-Refaie1, Yuichi Ito2, and Giovanna Tinetti1
Sushuang Ma et al.
  • 1University College London, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy, United Kingdom of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales (
  • 2Division of Science, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Japan

Transit spectroscopy is an effective method for the atmospheric study of exoplanets. However, clouds impose uncertainties in constraining the atmospheric parameters. The current exoplanetary study is awaiting improvement in analysing clouds in transit spectra with the retrieval technique and within reasonable computational time. Therefore, we developed YunMa, an optimised cloud microphysics model for transit spectroscopy. We took advantage of TauREx 3 (Al-Refaie et al. 2019, 2021), an open code framework for simulating exoplanetary spectra to enable the retrieval function of YunMa. We validated our model by comparing our simulation with previous literature results. We evaluated the retrieval performances on a synthetic temperate sub-Neptune. We, therefore, concluded that this work did the first transit spectral retrieval with parametric cloud microphysics included and proposed feasible applications with YunMa.

How to cite: Ma, S., Changeat, Q., Al-Refaie, A., Ito, Y., and Tinetti, G.: Exoplanetary cloud retrieval using YunMa in transit spectroscopy, Europlanet Science Congress 2022, Granada, Spain, 18–23 Sep 2022, EPSC2022-1087,, 2022.


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