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 / Attendance Thu, 26 Oct, 18:00–20:00
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Attendance Time: Thursday, 26 October 2017, 18:00–20:00

FORCE2017-4 | presentation
Discover Soacial Science Data
Brigitte Hausstein

Aletheia: publish research for free, access research for free
Lisa Matthias

Data citation workflow changes in climate science: CMIP6 and IPCC AR6
Martina Stockhause

The Efficacy of Interactive Game-Based Learning in Imparting Sexual Health Education among Adolescents
Hussein Haruna, Xiao Hu, Samuel Chu, Goodluck Gabriel, and Patrick Siril

FDMentor - Solutions and Guidelines for Universities
Katarzyna Biernacka

Preventing unintended data duplication: ENCODE DCC showcase
Idan Gabdank, Esther T. Chan, Jason A. Hilton, Jean M. Davidson, Carrie A. Davis, J. Seth Strattan, Aditi K. Narayanan, Kathrina C. Onate, Timothy R. Dreszer, Ulugbek K. Baymuradov, Keenan Graham, Otto Jolanki, Stuart R. Miyasato, Forrest Y. Tanaka, Matt Simison, Benjamin C. Hitz, Cricket A. Sloan, and J. Michael Cherry

Best Practices for Data Repository Usage Statistics
Kristian Garza and Martin Fenner

Presenting - a platform designed to foster debate on free speech-related issues in Brazil
Thiago Dias Oliva

FAIR principles in practice at the ENCODE data portal
Esther Chan and Idan Gabdank

FORCE2017-55 | presentation
A Science-Based Writing Across the Curriculum Program
Eric Jandciu

Data Sharing Tools for the Southern Ocean Observing System
Steve Diggs, Pip Bricher, and Joana Beja de Almeida

Uneven writing spaces in (old) academic publishing: A case study on internationalisation in the disciplines of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bárbara Rivera López

Analysis of open access scholarly publishing in Global South. A case study of open access Journals in Noth Africa
Kamel Belhamel

Open Source Tools Driving New Services and Workflows at DataCite
Patricia Cruse and Britta Dreyer

Digital Information Gateway: Archaeological Data, Reuse, and Sustainability
Deidre Whitmore

FORCE2017-97 | presentation
Start them young, raise them right
Christy Caldwell

Is a Scholarly Commons What We Really Want?
Katie Chapman

Developing a Data Management Guide for Researchers
John Borghi and John Choacki

Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA)
Anthony Alves


Open Knowledge Maps - A Visual Interface to the World's Scientific Knowledge
Peter Kraker

Methodicate: an innovative platform for reproducible research
Vani Rajendran

From authoring, to peer review, publishing, hosting and archiving, all in one place for the first time: the ARPHA Publishing Platform
Lyubomir Penev and Teodor Georgiev

Persistent Identifier Open Science Tools and Services for Researchers
Martin Fenner, Amir Aryani, and Sünje Dallmeier-Thiessen

FORCE2017-78 | presentation
Detailed metadata is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Roman Gurinovich and Yuliya Buinitskaya

Bridging the reproducibility gap
Nokome Bentley

Decision Trees Hackathon
Fiona Murphy, Maryann Martone, and Michael Bar-Sinai

Open Access week - posters

Fossil Record – the palaeontological journal of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Was macht die Wissenschaft wahr?

Qualitative Forschungsdaten aus den ethnologischen Fächern Das deutschsprachige Netzwerk für Open Journal Systems

Open Access für Forschung und Kultur - Die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

Open Access für Forschungsergebnisse. Forschungsdatenmanagement in der Praxis

Zenodo, ID+Stage und openness@BWG: Open Access am Interdisziplinären Labor Bild Wissen Gestaltung

Edition Humboldt Digital Vernetzt

Wie viel Open Access steckt in Berlin?

GenderOpen – Ein Repositorium für die Geschlechterforschung

Open-Access-Strategie für Berlin