IAHS-AISH Scientific Assembly 2022
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Impacts of climatic extremes on the production of hydroelectric energy from the Faé dam in San-Pédro (South-West Côte d'Ivoire)

Affoué Berthe Yao1, Franck Hervé Akaffou1, Sampah Georges Eblin1, Abel Konan Komey1, Kouakou Lazare Kouassi1, and Kouadio Koffi2
Affoué Berthe Yao et al.
  • 1(k_lazare@yahoo.fr), Environmental Science and Technology Laboratory, Jean Lorougnon Guédé University, Daloa, Côte d’Ivoire
  • 2(kouadiok1@yahoo.fr), Geosciences and Environment Laboratory, Nangui Abrogoua University, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

This study focused on the study of climate extremes and their impact on the hydroelectric power production of the Faé dam. Indeed, climatic extremes such as droughts and floods cause not only human and material damage but also losses of hydroelectric production dependent on these climatic conditions. For this purpose, a number of indices were calculated using the Rclimdex software defined by the Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI). The analysis of these indices revealed that all extreme temperature indices (TXx, TNn, TX90p and WSDI) are increasing. In contrast, the extreme precipitation indices (CDD, CWD, Rx5days and R95p) show a multiform trend. Thus, the CWD, Rx5days indices have been on a downward trend while the CDD and R95p indices are on an upward trend. Therefore, the CWD index alone explains 38% of the variability in energy production. The coupling of the CWD index with each of the indices (TNn, TXx and CDD), explains significantly the variance of energy production at about 44%, 42% and 42% respectively. Considering all indices (CWD, TNn, TXx), explains almost 46% of the variability in energy production.

How to cite: Yao, A. B., Akaffou, F. H., Eblin, S. G., Komey, A. K., Kouassi, K. L., and Koffi, K.: Impacts of climatic extremes on the production of hydroelectric energy from the Faé dam in San-Pédro (South-West Côte d'Ivoire), IAHS-AISH Scientific Assembly 2022, Montpellier, France, 29 May–3 Jun 2022, IAHS2022-130, https://doi.org/10.5194/iahs2022-130, 2022.