Extremes in hydroclimatic systems
Convener: Krzysztof Kochanek | Co-Conveners: Ilaria Prosdocimi, Salvatore Grimaldi, Ernest AMOUSSOU, Alberto Viglione

The occurrence of extreme hydroclimatic events has a tremendous impact on society and environment. Hence, there is an urgency in understanding and modeling the extreme events , since they are still (despite rapid development of the methodology and techniques) not fully captured by space and time variability (see also the Unsolved Problems in Hydrology UPHs 9-11 identified by Blöschl et al., 2019). More specifically, it is of fundamental importance to understand which mechanisms rule the occurrence of extreme events, how they emerge from the parent processes and how thy change in time or space due to external environmental factors. This session calls for contribution on advances in statistical theory and applications dealing with extremes in hydroclimatic systems, including multivariate statistical tools, Bayesian techniques, processing and analysis of global data, etc.