A Synthesis of Change in Hydrology and Society: Coevolution and prediction of coupled human-water systems
Convener: Fuqiang Tian | Co-Conveners: Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Heidi Kreibich, Jing Wei

As 2nd decadal initiative of IAHS “Panta Rhei - Everything Flows” aims to achieve an improved understanding of water cycle processes by focusing on their changing dynamics in respect of interactions and feedbacks with human systems. Approaching the end of this Panta Rhei decade (2013-2022), it is time to synthesize the achievements of this decade. The main focus of this grand synthesis, which will be published in an IAHS book, is on coevolution and prediction of coupled human-water systems, including understanding of emergent phenomena, mechanisms, and implications for predictions and practices. This session welcomes contributions that contribute to and critically reflect the following synthesis topics: 1) Theoretical/conceptual framework for understanding changes in hydrology and society; 2) Coevolution and emergent phenomena; 3) dynamic models; 4) Data needs and acquisition; 5)Benchmark datasets in various context and scales, including human-flood, human-drought, agricultural, transboundary and global systems; 6) Case studies from Panta Rhei working groups, IAHS Commissions and beyond.