10th International Conference on Geomorphology
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Multitemporal Analysis of the process of gully in “Residential Dom Bosco”, Cachoeira do Campo, Ouro Preto-MG - Brazil 

Jéssica Dutra Rodrigues1, Cecília Félix Andrade Silva2, and Jairo Rodrigues Silva3
Jéssica Dutra Rodrigues et al.
  • 1IFMG, Geografia,Ouro Preto, Brazil (jessicadutra10@hotmail.com)
  • 2IFMG, Geografia,Ouro Preto, Brazil (cecilia.andrade@ifmg.edu.br)
  • 3IFMG, Geografia,Ouro Preto, Brazil (jairo.rodrigues@ifmg.edu.br)

The multitemporal analysis of the 45,500m² gully located in the Dom Bosco residential complex in Cachoeira do Campo, district of Ouro Preto-MG - Brazil, allowed us to characterize the process and comprehend the factors that contributed to the expansion of the area affected by such gully. Satellite images obtained from Google Earth in 2006, 2011 and 2018 were used. The information processing with identification, delimitation and quantification of the data, was performed using the ArcGis 9.2 software. The analysis of the images together with the fieldwork allowed us to observe the intensification of the urbanization process, with precarious housing around the gully, which contributed to changes on it. According to the analysis, it was recommended that the government should monitor the gully, stimulating residents to take part in the process, and should also revegetate with endemic species to inhibit the progress of the process. Popular participation in the process is fundamental, but investments in environmental education need to be made to guide the community, as the population does not have basic knowledge related to erosion processes, a clear reality considering the number of constructions on the edge of the gully and the significant amount of rubbish discharged into it.

How to cite: Dutra Rodrigues, J., Félix Andrade Silva, C., and Rodrigues Silva, J.: Multitemporal Analysis of the process of gully in “Residential Dom Bosco”, Cachoeira do Campo, Ouro Preto-MG - Brazil , 10th International Conference on Geomorphology, Coimbra, Portugal, 12–16 Sep 2022, ICG2022-354, https://doi.org/10.5194/icg2022-354, 2022.