Sustainability in Geomorphology: Anthropocene and Urban Geomorphology
Conveners: Laura Melelli, Maurizio Del Monte, Pierluigi Brandolini, Mário Quinta-Ferreira, Anabela Ramos

By 2050 is expected that more than two-thirds of the world population will move in urban areas. The urban sustainability is the great challenge, but no action can be effectively undertaken in this sense without a deep and rigorous knowledge of the geological constraints and the impact of cities growth on geomorphological processes and landforms. With this premise as a goal, the Urban Geomorphology is the “picture”, and the Anthropocene is the “frame” for better understanding the mutual relationship between the pre-urbanization environment and current and future scenarios to support properly the planning and management of cities. Topics:
i. Anthropocene and the urban environment: peculiarities in methods, techniques and interpretations;
ii. Urban Geomorphology Survey and Mapping: methods, landforms and symbology in geomorphological cartography;
iii. Evaluation of natural and man-induced hazard and risk in urban areas;
iv. The geoheritage in urban areas for the enhancement of geodiversity, geosites, geotourism and landscape promotion.