Karst Geomorphology
Conveners: Mateja Ferk, Alexander Klimchouk, Jean Noel Salomon, Luca Dimuccio, Maria Luisa Rodrigues, Luiz Eduardo Panisset Travassos

Karst areas around the world are forming spectacular landscapes which attract researchers across various scientific disciplines along with tourists and other visitors. Surface and subsurface karst features are the result of specific lithological, hydrological, and climatic factors. It is crucial to understand that the karst landscape continues underground; in the short term, surface actions are transferred underground, and in the long term the underground conditions affect the surface. Researchers studying the origin and development of karst features and the dynamics of key processes in karst, driven by global environmental changes, are welcome to contribute with their knowledge to the discussions in the Karst Geomorphology Session. Furthermore, this session will address also the need for interdisciplinary approaches to study the interrelationship between surface and underground karst landforms, deposits, and processes, as well as the questions of karst conservation and preservation, and sustainable management of karst resources (e.g. water, minerals, tourism…).