Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016 4–9 September 2016 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Poster programme 2


Tropospheric Ozone
Convenors: I. Petropavlovskikh , X. Zheng , M. Tully 
Oral programme
 / Tue, 06 Sep, 10:30–12:00  / 13:30–17:00  / Room Pentland Main Auditorium
Poster programme
 / Attendance Mon, 05 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Tue, 06 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Wed, 07 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area
 / Attendance Thu, 08 Sep, 12:45–13:30  / Poster area

Attendance Time: Monday, 5 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Spatiotemporal trends of surface ozone concentrations and metrics in France
P. Sicard and P. Rossello

Influence of synoptic weather on UK surface and tropospheric ozone
R. J. Pope and M. P. Chipperfield

Long-term trends of tropospheric ozone in The Czech Republic in 1992-2015
M. Váňa and J. Pekarek

QOS2016-24 | presentation
Ozone prediction combined with slow feature analysis
G. Wang

QOS2016-32 | presentation
Revisiting the Schönbein ozone measurement methodology
I. A. Ramírez-González, J. A. Añel, A. Saiz-López, O. Garcia-Feal, A. Cid, J. C. Mejuto, and L. Gimeno

QOS2016-41 | presentation
Statistical assessment of influence of changing meteorological conditions and anthropogenic air pollution level on surface ozone
A.M. Liudchik, V.I. Pakatashkin, S.D. Umreika, and S.K. Barodka

QOS2016-42 | presentation
Maximum daily concentrations of the surface ozone in Minsk and their long-term trend
A.M. Liudchik, V.I. Pakatashkin, and S.K. Barodka

Characteristics and sources of isoprene in subtropical urban setting and its effect on peak ozone
Y. Zou, X.J. Deng, and F. Li

QOS2016-67 | presentation
Special features of ozonesonde profiles from the SHADOZ site at Irene, South Africa
G.J.R. Coetzee, A.M Thompson, and J.C Witte

Surface ozone chemistry in two megacities, Shanghai and Tianjin, China
C. Zhao and L. Ran

Estimating Boreal Fire-generated Ozone over Canada using Ozonesonde Profiles and a Differential Back Trajectory Technique
O. Moeini, D.W. Tarasick, C.T. McElroy, J. Liu, and M. Osman

QOS2016-94 | presentation
Study of the vertical structure of tropospheric ozone depletion events at the coastal Antarctic Station of Belgrano (78ºS, 35ºW)
M. Navarro-Comas, M.C. Parrondo, M. Yela, J.M. Vilaplana, and H. Ochoa

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
QOS2016-102 | presentation
Comparison of tropospheric ozone profiles at Brussels, measured with MOZAIC aircraft and ozonesondes
R. Van Malderen, N. Pateraki, H. De Backer, H.G.J. Smit, and V. Thouret

WRF Modelling of ozone transport over the West Pacific Warm Pool
R. Newton, G. Vaugah, and C. Chemel

QOS2016-111 | presentation
Ozone time scale decomposition and trend assessment from surface observations in Switzerland and Europe
E. Boleti, C. Hüglin, and S. Takahama

A multi-year tropospheric ozone dataset derived from assimilated ozone profiles
J.C.A. van Peet and R.J. van der A

Lidar observations of ozone transport between London and its rural surroundings
H. M. A. Ricketts, G. Vaughan, and D. P. Wareing

QOS2016-132 | presentation
On the Ozone Variations at Mt. Waliguan Observatory
J. Ma

QOS2016-142 | presentation
Watukosek tropospheric ozone and temperature profiles from ozonesondes: Comparisons with AQUA-AIRS
N. Komala

Are cloud processes key drivers of UTLS chemistry and constituent variability?
S. Varma, A. Voulgarakis, and H. Liu

QOS2016-166 | presentation
A dependence of the ozone formation rate on the surface air temperature
B.D. Belan, D.E. Savkin, and G.N. Tolmachev

QOS2016-167 | presentation
The results of long-term monitoring of surface ozone concentration nearby Tomsk
B.D. Belan, D.E. Savkin, D.K. Davydov, T.K. Sklyadneva, G.N. Tolmachev, and A.V. Fofonov

QOS2016-168 | presentation
Mesoscale variability of surface ozone dynamics in the south of Tomsk region
B.D. Belan, D.E. Savkin, D.K. Davydov, T.K. Sklyadneva, G.N. Tolmachev, and A.V. Fofonov

Tropical Upper Tropospheric Ozone Volume Mixing Ratios Retrieved with the Cloud Slicing Method using SCIATRAN/GOME2 data: Methodology, Results, and Verification
K.-U. Eichmann, M. Weber, E. Leventidou, and J.P. Burrows

QOS2016-184 | presentation
20+ year satellite record of ozone profiles: from GOME-1 through to the Sentinels
B. G. Latter, R. Siddans, G. Miles, J. Walker, and B. Kerridge

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
Chairperson: Irina Petropavlovskikh
P118 QOS2016-200
Analysis of tropospheric ozone changing trends and its affecting factors over northern China (withdrawn)
F. Huang, X. Chen, X. Xia, J. Cao, and X. Xu

QOS2016-201 | presentation
Impact of acetone on ozone in the upper troposphere: simulations with ICON-ART
M. Weimer, R. Ruhnke, J. Schröter, J. Eckstein, K. Deetz, C. Stassen, B. Vogel, O. Kirner, and P. Braesicke

QOS2016-202 | presentation
17 years of Tropical tropospheric ozone columns from nadir retrievals of GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 and trends
E. Leventidou, M. Weber, K.U. Eichmann, and J.P. Burrows

QOS2016-221 | presentation
Origin of Satellites and G-B SAOZ/NDACC total ozone measurement differences in the tropics
J.-P. Pommereau, A. Frihi, F. Goutail, A. Pazmino, S. Bekki, C. Clerbaux, A. Boynard, P.-F. Coheur, C. Lerot, M. Van Roozendael, T. Danckaert, and T. Portafaix

QOS2016-238 | presentation
Tropospheric ozone columns from two urban ground-based FTIR stations – St Petersburg (Peterhof, Russia) and Paris (Creteil, France): comparison with correlative IASI and surface observations
Y. Virolainen, P. Chelin, D. Ionov, T. Fratacci, M. Ray, M. Eremenko, J. Cuesta, Y. Timofeyev, A. Poberovskii, F. Hase, J. Orphal, and J.-M. Flaud

Ambient ozone control in a photochemically active region: short-term despiking or long-term attainment?
J. Ou, Z. Yuan, and J. Zheng

P124 QOS2016-263
Urban ozone and air pollution in Bangkok Metropolitan during the 2011 flood disaster in Thailand (withdrawn)
P. Pochanart and Y. Kajii

QOS2016-269 | presentation
Comprehensive quality assessment of GOME- and IASI-type multi-mission tropospheric ozone data records
A. Keppens, J.-C. Lambert, D. Hubert, J. Granville, T. Verhoelst, S. Compernolle, J. van Peet, R. van der A, G. Miles, R. Siddans, C. Clerbaux, P.-F. Coheur, A. Delcloo, S. Godin-Beekmann, R. Kivi, R. Stübi, and C. Zehner

QOS2016-273 | presentation
Studies on ozone variations revealed by the ozonesonde observations in Hanoi, Vietnam
S.-Y. Ogino, M. Fujiwara, M. Shiotani, F. Hasebe, M. I. Nodzu, J. Matsumoto, G. H. Hoang, J. C. Witte, and A. M. Thompson

The Underestimated Role of Stratosphere-to-Troposphere Transport on Tropospheric Ozone
T. Trickl, H. E. Scheel, M. Sprenger, and H. Vogelmann

QOS2016-302 | presentation
Characterizing tropospheric O3 and CO around Frankfurt over the 1994-2012 period based on MOZAIC-IAGOS aircraft measurements
H. Petetin, V. Thouret, A. Fontaine, B. Sauvage, G. Athier, R. Blot, D. Boulanger, J.-M. Cousin, and P. Nedelec

Attendance Time: Thursday, 8 September 2016, 12:45–13:30
Poster area
QOS2016-306 | presentation
Biomass burning influences on atmospheric composition: a case study to assess the impact of chemical data assimilation
T.D. Keslake, M Chipperfield, G. Mann, J. Flemming, S Dhomse, and W. Morgan

QOS2016-307 | presentation
Identification of CO sources and transport processes driving ozone and carbon monoxide distributions in the upper troposphere over Africa
B. Sauvage, A. Fontaine, J.-P. Cammas, B. Barret, P. Nédélec, H.G.J. Smit, and V. Thouret

The effects of Intercontinental emission sources on european air pollution levels
J. E. Jonson, M. Schulz, D. Henze, M. Tronstad Lund, S. Tilmes, K. Sudo, J. Flemming, F. Dentener, and T. Keating

Bromine release from blowing snow and its impact on tropospheric chemistry
P.T. Griffiths, J.A. Pyle, A. Archibald, N.L. Abraham, and X. Yang

QOS2016-321 | presentation
A tropospheric ozone pollution outbreak over East Asia in springtime 2009 analyzed by synergism of innovative multispectral satellite observations, in situ measurements and models
J. Cuesta, Y. Kanaya, M. Takigawa, G. Dufour, M. Eremenko, K. Miyazaki, and G. Foret

QOS2016-324 | presentation
Tropospheric ozone observations from more than two decades of measurements over Houston, Texas
G.A. Morris, B.L. Lefer, J. Flynn, B. Johnson, V. Thouret, A. Weinheimer, M. Estes, D. Westenbarger, and A. Thompson

Surface Ozone Climatology in Argentina Through The Regional Climatic Model PRECIS and Five Global Atmosphere Watch Observation Points.
G. Carbajal Benitez, M. E. Barlasina, M. Cupeiro, G. E. Copes, H. Salutto, and R. Sanchez

Emissions of Iodine and its Impact on Tropospheric Ozone: A Global 3-D Model Study
H.E. Mantle, R. Hossaini, M.P. Chipperfield, J.M.C. Plane, J.C. Gómez Martín, and W. Feng

QOS2016-341 | presentation
A method to infer SO2 profiles from ozonesonde data
G.A. Morris, H.B. Selkirk, J.A. Diaz, E. Corrales, H. Vömel, I. Petropavlovskikh, E. Hall, and B. Johnson

Impacts on Ozone of a New Interactive Soil NOx Scheme
C.E. Steadman, D. Stevenson, M.R. Heal, M. Sutton, and D. Fowler

Study of diurnal variation of surface ozone with special emphasis to nocturnal surface ozone in a mountain-valley system
P. S. Kulkarni, D. Bortoli, A. M. Silva, C. Knote, A. Hodzic, and G. Pfister