Poster Programme IG3/AS4.3


Stable Isotopes in Atmospheric Research (co-organized)
Convener: Ralf Koppmann  | Co-Conveners: Astrid Kiendler-Scharr , Thomas Röckmann 
Oral Programme
 / Fri, 07 May, 08:30–10:00  / Room 42
Poster Programme
 / Attendance Thu, 06 May, 17:30–19:00  / Hall A

Attendance Time: Thursday, 6 May 2010, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Ralf Koppmann
The isotopic composition of H2 from biomass burning - dependency on combustion efficiency, moisture content and dD of local precipitation
Thomas Röckmann, Catalina Gómez Álvarez, Sylvia Walter, Adam Wollny, Sachin Gunthe, Günter Helas, Ulrich Pöschl, Frank Keppler, Markus Greule, and Willi Brand

Hall A
Isotope effect in the formation of H2 from H2CO studied at the atmospheric simulation chamber SAPHIR
Thomas Röckmann, Sylvia Walter, and Franz Rohrer and the SAPHIR team

Hall A
The stable isotope signal of atmospheric water vapour in Sydney, Australia
Stephen Parkes, Alastair Williams, Adrian Element, Scott Chambers, Alan Griffiths, and David Griffith

Hall A
Water drives the deuterium content of the methane emitted from plants
Thomas Röckmann, Ivan Vigano, Rupert Holzinger, Frank Keppler, Markus Greule, Willi Brand, and Heike Geilmann

Hall A
Development of a Field-Deployable Methane Carbon Isotope Analyzer
Feng Dong and Douglas Baer

Hall A
Multi-years simulations of atmospheric CH4, δ13C-CH4 and δD-CH4
Guillaume Monteil, Sander Houweling, Thomas Röckmann, Bruce H. Vaughn, and Stanley C. Tyler

Hall A
A333 EGU2010-12304
Mixing ratio and d13C measurements of selected nonmethane hydrocarbons and halocarbons in firn air from the NEEM ice core drilling site, Greenland (withdrawn)
Adriaan Zuiderweg, Rupert Holzinger, Thomas Röckmann, David Etheridge, Jan Kaiser, and Carina van der Veen

Hall A
Continuous in field measurements of N2O concentration and its isotopologue and isotopomer ratios, with a field deployed mid-infrared, wavelength scanned, cavity ring-down spectroscopy instrument
David Balslev-Clausen, Alejandro Farinas, Christo Buizert, Eric Crosson, and Thomas Blunier

Hall A
A335 EGU2010-6580
Nitrate isotope variations at three sites in the Midwestern United States (withdrawn)
Greg Michalski and David Mase

Hall A
Multi parameter tuning of a firn air transport model for the NEEM ice core site in Northern Greenland
Christo Buizert, Vasilii Petrenko, Patricia Martinerie, Jeffrey Severinghaus, Mauro Rubino, David Etheridge, Chris Hogan, William Sturges, Ingeborg Levin, and Thomas Blunier

Hall A
Tests and validation of two instruments using wavelength-scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy (WS-CRDS) technology in laboratory. A way to assess the isotopic composition measurement of water vapor.
Guillaume Tremoy, Olivier Cattani, and Francoise Vimeux

Hall A
A gas chromatography / pyrolysis / isotope ratio mass spectrometry system for high precision δD measurements of atmospheric methane extracted from ice cores
Michael Bock, Jochen Schmitt, Melanie Behrens, Lars Möller, Robert Schneider, Celia Sapart, and Hubertus Fischer

Hall A
Total carbon isotopic values at background and urban sites in Lithuania during summer 2008
Andrius Garbaras, Vidmantas Remeikis, Inga Garbarienė, Kęstutis Kvietkus, and Darius Čeburnis