Programme Groups

HS1 –  General sessions
Perspectives for the Future of Hydrology in a Changing Environment. Memorial Session in Honour of Professor Jim Dooge (invited speakers only)
Convener: Alberto Montanari  | Co-Conveners: Gerrit H. de Rooij , Murugesu Sivapalan 
Challenges for Future Hydrology Education in a Changing World (co-organized)
Convener: Bellie Sivakumar  | Co-Conveners: Stefan Uhlenbrook , Kevin J. McGuire , Graham Jewitt 
The Future of Water Cycle Observing Systems (by Invitation only)
Convener: Bob Su  | Co-Convener: Eric Wood (deceased) (deceased) 
EO for Water Cycle Science
Convener: Diego Fernández Prieto  | Co-Conveners: Bob Su , Wolfgang Wagner , Susanne Mecklenburg , Tommaso Parrinello 
Innovative techniques and unintended use of measurement equipment
Convener: Rolf Hut  | Co-Conveners: Theresa Blume , Willem Luxemburg 
Metrics and the Use of Data in Hydrology to support Model Structure Improvement
Convener: Uwe Ehret  | Co-Conveners: Erwin Zehe , Hoshin Gupta , Dominik E. Reusser , Vazken Andréassian , Roger Moussa , Charles Perrin , Jens Christian Refsgaard , Martyn Clark , Jasper Vrugt , Dmitri Kavetski , Fabrizio Fenicia , Jake Peters