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PICOs AS3.11


Polar Ozone and Polar Stratospheric Clouds
Convener: Geir O. Braathen  | Co-Conveners: Farahnaz Khosrawi , Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber , Marc von Hobe , Michael Pitts 
 / Mon, 08 Apr, 13:30–17:00  / Room B16
 / Mon, 08 Apr, 10:30–12:15  / Room PICO Spot 3

Monday, 8 April 2013
Room PICO Spot 3
Chairperson: Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber, Farahnaz Khosrawi, Marc von Hobe
10:30–10:33 EGU2013-13792
Analysis of the weak Antarctic Ozone Hole of 2012 (withdrawn)
Geir Braathen
EGU2013-13501 | presentation
Observations of the Antarctic Ozone Hole from 2003 to 2012
Geir O. Braathen and the ozone hole team
EGU2013-13468 | presentation
Polar stratospheric ozone: interactions with climate change, results from the EU project RECONCILE, and the 2010/11 Arctic ozone hole
Marc von Hobe and the RECONCILE Science Team
EGU2013-3195 | presentation
Total ozone loss during the 2012/13 Arctic winter and comparison to previous years
Florence Goutail, Franck Lefevre, Jean-Pierre Pommereau, Andrea Pazmino, Martyn Chipperfield, Wuhu Feng, Michel Van Roozendael, Paul Eriksen, Kerstin Stebel, Valery Dorokhov, Rigel Kivi, Xiaoyi Zhao, and Kim Strong
EGU2013-1114 | presentation
Total ozone and ozone profile observations by SAOZ, Brewer and ozonesondes in Russia
Valery Dorokhov, Vladimir Yushkov, Aleksander Makshtas, Nikolay Tereb, Georgii Ivlev, Vladimir Savinykh, Dmitry Shepelev, Florence Goutail, Jean-Pierre Pommereau, Andrea Pazmino, and Hideaki Nakajima
EGU2013-11386 | presentation
Dynamic aspects of the ozone anomalies formation in the Antarctic region
Palina Lapo, Alexander Svetashev, Alexander Krasouski, and Siarhei Barodka
EGU2013-1115 | presentation
Total ozone and NO2 observations in Asiatic Russia by SAOZ spectrometers in 2012
Dmitry Shepelev, Valery Dorokhov, Florence Goutail, Andrea Pazmino, and Jean-Pierre Pommereau
EGU2013-11536 | presentation
Arctic UTLS composition measured by the MARSCHALS instrument during the PREMIEREX and ESSENCE campaigns
Ugo Cortesi, Elisa Castelli, Samuele Del Bianco, Bianca Maria Dinelli, Daniel Gerber, Brian Kerridge, Hermann Oelhaf, Wolfgang Woiwode, Baerbel Vogel, Bjoern-Martin Sinnhuber, and Roland Ruhnke
EGU2013-7325 | presentation
Spectral Soft Calibration for use in Conjunction with an Optimal Estimation based Appraoch to Retrieve Polar Stratospheric Ozone Profiles from SCIAMACHY UV Measurements in the Hartley and Huggins Band
Stefan Bötel, Mark Weber, Alexei Rozanov, and John P. Burrows
EGU2013-308 | presentation
Long term seasonal variation of stratospheric BrO and NO2 from ground based Zenith Sky DOAS observations at Kiruna, Sweden
Myojeong Gu, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Janis Pukite, Sven Kühl, Ulrich Platt, Uwe Raffalski, and Thomas Wagner
EGU2013-1395 | presentation
Impacts of Stratospheric Particles Injection on Stratospheric Ozone: Laboratory Studies
Mingjin Tang, Laylla Rkiouak, Steve Fuller, Francis Pope, Tony Cox, Matt Watson, and Markus Kalberer
EGU2013-5306 | presentation
Satellite observations of OClO from 1995 to 2012 in comparison to ECMWF data and EMAC simulations
Sven Kühl, Janis Pukite, Steffen Dörner, Patrick Jöckel, Marc Ziegler, and Thomas Wagner
EGU2013-11530 | presentation
RECONCILE Airborne ClOx Measurements and the ClO/ClOOCl Equilibrium Constant
Fred Stroh, Jens-Uwe Grooß, Florian Heinecke, Olga Suminska, Marc von Hobe, Michael Volk, and Tobias Wegner
EGU2013-13509 | presentation
Polar Stratospheric Cloud occurrence during the Arctic winter 2008/2009 as observed by CALIPSO
Farahnaz Khosrawi, Angelica Lundberg, Peggy Achtert, and Michael C Pitts
11:12–11:15 EGU2013-11833
Polar Stratospheric Clouds as a Climate Forcing: Seasonal and Interannual Variability of PSC Optical Depth (withdrawn)
Michael Pitts, Lamont Poole, and Larry Thomason
EGU2013-12042 | presentation
First temperature measurements within Polar Stratospheric Clouds with the Esrange lidar
Peggy Achtert, Mikhail Khaplanov, Farahnaz Khosrawi, and Jörg Gumbel
EGU2013-11373 | presentation
A new parameterization of polar stratospheric clouds based on the effective growth of NAT particles in the chemistry-climate-model EMAC
Ole Kirner, Roland Ruhnke, and Michael Hoepfner
EGU2013-12915 | presentation
On the depletion of HCl in the Antarctic polar vortex
Tobias Wegner, Douglas Kinnison, Rolando Garcia, Sasha Madronich, Susan Solomon, and Marc von Hobe
PICO Discussion