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Plasma boundaries and transients explored by Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS)
Convener: Rumi Nakamura  | Co-Conveners: Yuri Khotyaintsev , Michael Hesse , Matthew Argall 
 / Tue, 25 Apr, 13:30–17:00
 / Attendance Tue, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Tuesday, 25 April 2017, 17:30–19:00
Hall X4
Chairperson: Yuri Khotyaintsev
Whistler waves at the Earth bow shock
Hanying Wei, Christopher T. Russell, Rorbert J. Strangeway, Steve J. Schwartz, Xin An, David Fischer, Olivier Le Contel, Matthew Argall, William R. Paterson, and Roy B. Torbert

Hall X4
Magnetic Structure of the Magnetopause Boundary Layer for Open Magnetosphere
Yonghui Ma, Chao Shen, and Gang Zeng

Hall X4
Energetics of the terrestrial bow shock
Maria Hamrin, Herbert Gunell, and Patrik Norqvist

Hall X4
The anatomy of magnetosheath jets - MMS observations.
Tomas Karlsson, Ferdinand Plaschke, Heli Hietala, Xochitl Blanco-Cano, Primoz Kajdic, and Martin Archer

Hall X4
Observation of Parallel Electric Fields in a Reconnecting Magnetosheath Current Sheet
Frederick Wilder, Robert Ergun, Stefan Eriksson, Narges Ahmadi, Katherine Goodrich, Tai Phan, David Newman, Karlheinz Trattner, James Burch, Roy Torbert, Barbara Giles, and Robert Strangeway

Hall X4
Intermittent energy dissipation by turbulent reconnection
Huishan Fu, Andris Vaivads, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Mats André, Jinbin Cao, Vyacheslav Olshevsky, Jonathan Eastwood, and Alessandro Retino

Hall X4
The physics of electron flow stagnation in collisionless magnetic reconnection
Michael Hesse, Yi-Hsin Liu, Li-Jen Chen, Naoki Bessho, and James Burch

Hall X4
Multi-spacecraft Observation of Electrostatic Solitary Waves in the Reconnection Separatrix Region
Yuri Khotyaintsev, Daniel B. Graham, Cecilia Norgren, Wenya Li, Andris Vaivads, Andrey Divin, Mats André, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Frederick Wilder, Robert Ergun, Olivier Le Contel, Christopher T. Russell, Werner Magnes, Roy B. Torbert, Barbara Giles, and Jim Burch

Hall X4
Evaluation of the generalized Ohm’s law at the subsolar magnetopause diffusion region with MMS data.
Giulia Cozzani, Alessandro Retino, Olivier Le Contel, Francesco Califano, Alexandros Chasapis, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Laurent Mirioni, Andris Vaivads, Benoit Lavraud, and Hugo Breuillard

Hall X4
Electromagnetic dissipation during asymmetric reconnection with a moderate guide field
Kevin Genestreti, James Burch, Paul Cassak, Roy Torbert, Tai Phan, Robert Ergun, Barbara Giles, Chris Russell, Shan Wang, Mojtaba Akhavan-Tafti, and Ali Varsani

Hall X4
X4.294 EGU2017-10106
Diamagnetic drift and field aligned current at Earth's dayside magnetopause: Magnetospheric Multiscale observations and global simulations (withdrawn)
John Dorelli, Dan Gershman, Natasha Buzulukova, Alex Glocer, Amy Rager, Roy Torbert, Robert Ergun, Barbara Giles, William Paterson, Victoria Coffey, Benoit Lavraud, Yoshifumi Saito, Robert Strangeway, Christopher Russell, and James Burch

Hall X4
Comparison of MMS data and virtual simulation data relative to secondary reconnection within a flux rope in the magnetopause
Giovanni Lapenta, Marit Oieroset, Tai Phan, Jonathan Eastwood, Martin Goldman, David L Newman, Christopher Russel, Robert Strangeway, William Paterson, Barbara Giles, Benoit Lavraud, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Robert Ergun, Roy Torbert, and James Burch

Hall X4
Minor ion species associated with dayside flux transfer events as observed by MMS
Steven Petrinec, Jim Burch, Michael Chandler, Charles Farrugia, Stephen Fuselier, Barbara Giles, Roman Gomez, William Lewis, Joey Mukherjee, William Paterson, Christopher Russell, Robert Strangeway, Roy Torbert, Karlheinz Trattner, Sarah Vines, and Cong Zhao

Hall X4
Structure and evolution of flux transfer events near magnetic reconnection dissipation region
Xiangcheng Dong, Malcolm Dunlop, Karlheinz Trattner, Tai Phan, Huishan Fu, Jinbin Cao, Christopher Russell, Barbara Giles, Roy Torbert, and Guan Le

Hall X4
The magnetic topology and currents in Force-Free and Non-Force–Free Flux transfer events: Similarities and Contrasts
Cong Zhao, Christopher Russell, Robert Strangeway, Steven Petrinec, William Paterson, Meng Zhou, Brian Anderson, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Kenneth Bromund, Mark Chutter, David Fischer, Barbara Giles, Guan Le, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, James Slavin, Roy Tobert, and Haiying Wei

Hall X4
Depression of the magnetic field in an active small-scale flux rope
Binbin Tang, Wenya Li, Chi Wang, Lei Dai, Jim Burch, Robert Ergun, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Craig Pollock, and Christopher Russell

Hall X4
Thin current sheet and plasma jet observed within a FTE by MMS
Issaad Kacem, Christian Jacquey, Vincent Genot, Benoit Lavraud, Yoann Vernisse, and Emmanuel Penou and the MMS team

Hall X4
Detection of different reconnection regions from kinetic simulations during island coalescence after asymmetric magnetic reconnection
Emanuele Cazzola, Jean Berchem, Maria Elena Innocenti, Martin V. Goldman, David L. Newman, Meng Zhou, and Giovanni Lapenta

Hall X4
The dayside magnetic reconnection locations observed by MMS during Phase 1 and their relation to the predictions of the Maximum Magnetic shear model
Karlheinz Trattner, Jim Burch, Paul Cassak, Robert Ergun, Stefan Eriksson, Stephen Fuselier, Barbara Giles, Roman Gomez, Eric Grimes, William Lewis, Barry Mauk, Steven Petrinec, Craig Pollock, Christopher Russell, Robert Strangeway, and Frederick Wilder

Hall X4
Transition from Meso-scale to Macro-scale Field-aligned Currents as Observed by Magnetospheric Multiscale
Robert J. Strangeway, Christopher T. Russell, Cong Zhao, Hanying Wei, Werner Magnes, Kenneth R. Bromund, Ferdinand Plaschke, David Fischer, Brian J. Anderson, Guan Le, Larry Kepko, Mark Chutter, James A. Slavin, Rumi Nakamura, Wolfgang Baumjohann, William R. Paterson, Barbara L. Giles, Roy B. Torbert, and James L. Burch

Hall X4
Plasma density estimates from spacecraft potential using MMS observations in the dayside magnetosphere
Maria Andriopoulou, Rumi Nakamura, Simon Wellenzohn, Klaus Torkar, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Roy B. Torbert, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, John Dorelli, and James L. Burch

Hall X4
Ionospheric ions in the reconnection region
Wenya Li, Mats André, Yuri Khotyaintsey, Andris Vaivads, Sergio Toledo-Redondo, Daniel Graham, Andrey Divin, Stephen Fuselier, David Young, Drew Turner, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Robert Ergun, Christopher Russell, Werner Magnes, Roy Torbert, Barbara Giles, Thomas Moore, Michael Chandler, and Jim Burch

Hall X4
Multiscale simulation of the solar wind interaction with the dayside magnetosphere: comparison with MMS observations
Jean Berchem, Giovanni Lapenta, Meng Zhou, Mostafa El-Alaoui, Raymond J. Walker, Melvyn L. Goldstein, Christopher T. Russell, Robert J. Strangeway, William R. Paterson, Barbara L. Giles, Benoit Lavraud, Yuri V. Khotyaintsev, Robert E. Ergun, Roy B. Torbert, and James L. Burch

Hall X4
Global observations of high-m poloidal waves in the magnetosphere during the recovery phase of the June 2015 magnetic storm
Guan Le, Peter Chi, Robert Strangeway, Christopher Russell, James Slavin, Kazue Takahashi, Howard Singer, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Brian Anderson, Kenneth Bromund, David Fischer, Emil Kepko, Werner Magnes, Rumi Nakamura, Ferdinand Plaschke, and Roy Torbert

Hall X4
Simultaneous Remote Observations of Intense Reconnection Effects by MMS and DMSP Spacecraft During Storm-time Substorms
Ali Varsani, Rumi Nakamura, Victor A Sergeev, Wolfgang Baumjohann, Anatoli A Petrukovich, Christopher J Owen, Zhonghua Yao, and Thomas Sotirelis and the MMS science team

Hall X4
Energetic heavy ion dominance in the outer magnetosphere
Ian Cohen, Don Mitchell, Barry Mauk, Brian Anderson, Shin Ohtani, Lynn Kistler, Doug Hamilton, Drew Turner, Bern Blake, Joe Fennell, Allison Jaynes, Trevor Leonard, Andy Gerrard, Lou Lanzerotti, and Jim Burch

Hall X4
Field-aligned currents observed by MMS in the near-Earth plasma sheet during large-scale substorm dipolarizations.
Rumi Nakamura, Tsugunobu Nagai, Barbara Giles, Olivier Le Contel, Julia Stawarz, Yuri Khotyaintsev, and Anton Artemyev and the Aug 10 2016 dipolarization study team

Hall X4
Double Layers Throughout the Magnetosphere and Their Relation to Magnetic Reconnection
Katherine Goodrich, Robert Ergun, Frederick Wilder, Narges Ahmadi, Yuri Khotyaintsev, Per-Arne Lindqvist, Roy Torbert, Matthew Argall, Olivier Le Contel, Christopher Russell, Robert Strangeway, Barbara Giles, and James Burch

Hall X4
Optimized Reciprocal Vectors for Estimating Gradients of Physical Fields from Multi-Spacecraft Missions
Gérard M. Chanteur, Olivier Le Contel, Alessandro Retino, Fouad Sahraoui, and Laurent Mirioni

Hall X4
X4.314 EGU2017-9117
The Magnetospheric Multiscale Science Data Center (withdrawn)
Kristopher Larsen, Christopher Pankratz, Kim Kokkonen, Corey Shafer, Daniel Baker, and Jim Burch