The Southern Ocean, which stretches from Antarctic ice-shelf cavities to the northern fringe of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, is a key region for water mass formation and for the uptake, storage and lateral exchanges of heat, carbon and nutrients. At present, the Southern Ocean acts as a sink of anthropogenic carbon and heat and as a source of natural carbon, but its role in future climate conditions remains uncertain. Processes on the Antarctic continental shelf also need to be better understood in order to assess the ocean’s role in Antarctic ice loss and the resulting meltwater impact on sea level. To reduce these uncertainties, it is critical to investigate the mechanisms underlying Southern Ocean's internal variability and its response to external forcing. Recent advances in observational technology, data coverage, circulation theories, and numerical models are providing a deeper insight into the three-dimensional patterns of Southern Ocean change. This session will discuss the current state of knowledge and novel findings concerning Southern Ocean circulation, water mass formation and pathways, mixing and mesoscale dynamics, ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions, sea ice changes, inflow of warm water to ice shelf cavities, and biological productivity, as well as the heat, nutrient and carbon budgets. This includes work on all spatial scales (from local to basin-scale to circumpolar) and temporal scales (past, present and future). We particularly invite cross-disciplinary topics involving physical and biological oceanography, glaciology, or biogeochemistry.

Co-organized as BG3.3/CL2.04
Convener: Lavinia Patara | Co-conveners: Torge Martin, Xylar Asay-Davis, Dani Jones, Ralph Timmermann, Christian Turney
| Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45, 16:15–18:00
Room L4/5
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

Friday, 12 April 2019 | Room L4/5

Chairperson: Lavinia Patara, Christian Turney
14:00–14:15 |
| solicited
Anja S. Studer, Daniel M. Sigman, Alfredo Martínez-García, Lena M. Thöle, Elisabeth Michel, Samuel L. Jaccard, Jörg A. Lippold, Alainz Mazaud, Xingchen T. Wang, Laura F. Robinson, Jess F. Adkins, and Gerald H. Haug
14:15–14:30 |
Eleanor Rainsley, Chris Fogwill, Chris Turney, Erik van Sebille, Deborah Haynes, John Tibby, Eva Cougnon, Richard Jones, Graeme Clark, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Lionel Carter, Zoë Thomas, Laura Weyrich, and Alan Cooper
14:30–14:45 |
Hajoon Song, Matthew Long, Peter Gaube, Ivy Frenger, John Marshall, and Dennis McGillicuddy Jr.
14:45–15:00 |
Camille Hayatte Akhoudas, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Gilles Reverdin, Loïc Jullion, Michael P. Meredith, Giovanni Aloisi, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, F. Alexander Haumann, and Marion Benetti
15:00–15:15 |
E. Povl Abrahamsen, Andrew J. S. Meijers, Kurt L. Polzin, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, Brian A. King, Yvonne L. Firing, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Katy L. Sheen, Arnold L. Gordon, Bruce A. Huber, and Michael P. Meredith
15:15–15:30 |
Pasquale Castagno, Vincenzo Capozzi, Giacomo R. DiTullio, Pierpaolo Falco, Giannetta Fusco, Stephen R. Rintoul, Giancarlo Spezie, and Giorgio Budillon
15:30–15:45 |
Yvonne Firing and Elaine McDonagh
Coffee break
Chairperson: Torge Martin, Xylar Asay-Davis
16:15–16:30 |
Krissy A. Reeve, Torsten Kanzow, Volker Strass, Olaf Boebel, and Rüdiger Gerdes
16:30–16:45 |
| Highlight
Paul Spence, Matthew England, Laurie Menviel, Andy Hogg, Adele Morrison, Stephen Griffies, and Stephanie Downes
16:45–17:00 |
René van Westen and Henk Dijkstra
17:00–17:15 |
Diana Francis, Clare Eayrs, Juan Cuesta, and David Holland
17:15–17:30 |
Kaitlin Naughten, Adrian Jenkins, Paul Holland, and Ruth Mugford
17:30–17:45 |
Hartmut H. Hellmer, Svenja Ryan, Michael Schröder, Markus Janout, and Elin Darelius
17:45–18:00 |
Alessandro Silvano, Steve Rintoul, Kazuya Kusahara, Beatriz Pena-Molino, Esmee Van Wijk, David Gwyther, and Guy Williams