The Southern Ocean, which stretches from Antarctic ice-shelf cavities to the northern fringe of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, is a key region for water mass formation and for the uptake, storage and lateral exchanges of heat, carbon and nutrients. At present, the Southern Ocean acts as a sink of anthropogenic carbon and heat and as a source of natural carbon, but its role in future climate conditions remains uncertain. Processes on the Antarctic continental shelf also need to be better understood in order to assess the ocean’s role in Antarctic ice loss and the resulting meltwater impact on sea level. To reduce these uncertainties, it is critical to investigate the mechanisms underlying Southern Ocean's internal variability and its response to external forcing. Recent advances in observational technology, data coverage, circulation theories, and numerical models are providing a deeper insight into the three-dimensional patterns of Southern Ocean change. This session will discuss the current state of knowledge and novel findings concerning Southern Ocean circulation, water mass formation and pathways, mixing and mesoscale dynamics, ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions, sea ice changes, inflow of warm water to ice shelf cavities, and biological productivity, as well as the heat, nutrient and carbon budgets. This includes work on all spatial scales (from local to basin-scale to circumpolar) and temporal scales (past, present and future). We particularly invite cross-disciplinary topics involving physical and biological oceanography, glaciology, or biogeochemistry.

Co-organized as BG3.3/CL2.04
Convener: Lavinia Patara | Co-conveners: Torge Martin, Xylar Asay-Davis, Dani Jones, Ralph Timmermann, Christian Turney
| Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45, 16:15–18:00
Room L4/5
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Ralph Timmermann, Dan Jones
X4.10 |
Hiroki Matsui and Minoru Ikehara
X4.11 |
Helen ERI Amsler, Walter Geibert, Gerhard Kuhn, Minoru Ikehara, and Samuel Jaccard
X4.12 |
Helene Aflenzer, Pier van der Merwe, Kathrin Wuttig, Philip Boyd, and Andrew Bowie
X4.13 |
Andrew Twelves, Daniel Goldberg, Sian Henley, Dan Jones, and Raja Ganeshram
X4.14 |
Matthew Harris, Chris Turney, Chris Fogwill, Andy Baker, Bethany Ellis, Ann Power, John Love, Mauro Rubino, Francisco Fernandoy, David Thornton, and Niels Munksgaard
X4.15 |
Charles Pelletier and Hugues Goosse
X4.16 |
Annie Foppert
X4.17 |
Joshua Studholme, Margarita Markina, and Sergey Gulev
X4.18 |
Christopher Bull, Adrian Jenkins, Nicolas C. Jourdain, Pierre Mathiot, Ute Hausmann, Paul Holland, and Jean-Baptiste Sallee
X4.19 |
Tiago Segabinazzi Dotto, Alberto Naveira Garabato, Sheldon Bacon, Paul Holland, Satoshi Kimura, Yvonne Firing, Michel Tsamados, and Adrian Jenkins
X4.20 |
Erin Pettit, Karen J. Heywood, Bastien Y. Queste, Robert Hall, Lars Boehme, Anna Wåhlin, Theodore Scambos, Jan Lenaerts, Martin Truffer, and Atsuhiro Muto
X4.21 |
Lucie Vignes, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Elin Darelius, and Joel Sommeria
X4.22 |
The influence of the dynamics under the Antarctic ice shelves on ocean bottom pressure patterns simulated by a global ocean circulation model
Lea Poropat and Henryk Dobslaw
X4.23 |
Pierre-Vincent Huot, Christoph Kittel, Thierry Fichefet, Xavier Fettweis, Pierre Mathiot, Clément Rousset, and Nicolas Jourdain
X4.24 |
| presentation
Xylar Asay-Davis, Darin Comeau, Matthew Hoffman, Mark Petersen, Stephen Price, Adrian Turner, Milena Veneziani, Luke Van Roekel, Jonathan Wolfe, and Phillip Wolfram
X4.25 |
Stefan Jendersie, Craig Stevens, Nicholas Golledge, Pat Langhorne, Robin Robertson, and Mike Williams
X4.26 |
Investigating the Robustness of Antarctic Sea-Ice Reconstructions from Ice Cores
Shweta Mayekar, Mark Curran, Tessa Vance, Christopher Plummer, Andrew Moy, Jason Roberts, Lenneke Jong, Chelsea Long, Jan Lieser, Nerilie Abrams, Paul Vallelonga, Alison Criscitiello, and Will Hobbs
X4.27 |
Klaus Zimmermann, Torben Koenigk, Ramon Fuentes Franco, Ralf Döscher, and Klaus Wyser
X4.28 |
Nicolas Le Paih, Tore Hattermann, Olaf Boebel, Torsten Kanzow, Christof Lüpkes, Gerd Rohardt, and Volker Strass
X4.29 |
What controls the heat content of the recently ventilated Southern Ocean?
Daniel C. Jones, Emma Boland, Andrew J.S. Meijers, Gael Forget, Simon Josey, Jean-Baptiste Sallée, and Emily Shuckburgh
X4.30 |
Chengyan Liu, Zhaomin Wang, Chen Cheng, and Yang Wu
X4.32 |
Don Chambers, Yang Zhang, and Xinfeng Liang
X4.33 |
Milena Menna, Yuri Cotroneo, Pierpaolo Falco, Roberta Di Lemma, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Giannetta Fusco, Giorgio Budillon, and Enrico Zambianchi
X4.34 |
Energy of the jets of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and of their eddies in the surface layer of the Southern Ocean
Roman Tarakanov, Mikhail Koshlyakov, and Darya Savchenko