Construction materials (natural stone, aggregates, bricks, cement, lime, clay, etc.) form a wide and heterogeneous group (both from the genetic and technological point of view), which deserves attention from the scientific community due to their long-term use, importance for the society and sensitivity to the environment. Most of the geomaterials have been also used in important monuments of the World Cultural Heritage. However, our knowledge of many aspects of these materials is still rather limited. This session would like to focus on thorough discussions of the following topics:
• characterisation of traditional raw materials and their products, such as natural stone, crushed stone, sands and gravels, clay, inorganic binders (lime, natural cements, hydraulic lime, and gypsum), earth and adobe;
• recovery of traditional and historic knowledge of their processing and use;
• assessment of stability (durability) problems associated to long-term exposure of these materials to the anthroposphere;
• optimization of traditional construction materials (surface treatments, use of organic or inorganic additives, etc.);
• study of interactions and compatibility between traditional construction materials and modern restoration products
• availability of traditional materials in modern society, including comparative studies between small-scale production of materials (e.g. natural cement) and large-scale industrial processing;
• use of local materials as a part of cultural and technological heritage;
• technological properties and their testing (including relevance of individual tests, limits of methodologies, development of new methods);
• on site and laboratory standardized (ASTM, EN, etc.) and non-standardized testing techniques and their limitations for material characterization;
• monitoring and characterization of weathering features;
• monitoring of temperatures, moisture and salts, particularly under the viewpoint of climate change;
• geological evaluation of geomaterials deposits, i.e. different prospecting and exploration approaches applied to specific features of these materials in different geoenvironments, such as geostatistical evaluation, relevance of reserves and resources classification schemes;
• compositional (mineralogical, chemical, etc.) and genetic aspects that influence processing and final use of geomaterials and their quality;
• alternative use for waste materials from the exploitation and processing of geomaterials;
• durability of geomaterials once being placed in buildings or other structures.

Co-organized as GI4.9
Convener: Richard Prikryl | Co-conveners: Magdalini Theodoridou, Ákos Török
| Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30, 14:00–15:45
Room 0.94
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X1

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 | Room 0.94

Chairperson: Richard Přikryl
Natural stone as a valuable mineral resource
08:30–08:45 |
Suran Wang, Youliang Chen, Guanlin Liu, Yucheng Li, and Chao Xu
08:45–09:00 |
Dimension stone in the old and new worlds: constructing the comparative research agenda for the developed and developing countries
Owiti K'Akumu
09:00–09:15 |
Stone processing times from accounting records: the case study of 19th century public buildings in Udine (NE italy).
Anna Frangipane
09:30–09:45 |
| Highlight
UNESCO protected Ivanovo rock monasteries (NE Bulgaria)
Margarita Matova and Rumyana Glavcheva
09:45–10:00 |
Lorena Zichella, Paolo Marone, Pasquale Buonanno, Rossana Bellopede, and Paola Marini
Decay of constructional geomaterials
Coffee break
Chairperson: Ákos Török
10:45–11:00 |
Tim De Kock, Maxim Deprez, Geert De Schutter, and Veerle Cnudde
11:00–11:15 |
Maxim Deprez, Tim De Kock, Geert De Schutter, and Veerle Cnudde
11:15–11:30 |
Effect of freeze - thaw cycles on the flexural strength of Greek natural stones
Kostas Laskaridis, Angeliki Arapakou, Michael Patronis, and Ioannis Kousseris
11:45–12:00 |
David Martin Freire-Lista, Rafael Fort, and María Ángeles García-del-Cura
12:00–12:15 |
Chiaki Oguchi and Thi Hai Duong Nguyen
12:15–12:30 |
Emilie Huby, Céline Thomachot-Schneider, Patricia Vazquez, and Gilles Fronteau
Performance and manufacturing of constructional geomaterials
Lunch break
Chairperson: Richard Přikryl
14:00–14:15 |
Daphne Guilbert, Tim De Kock, Steven Caluwaerts, Nathan Van Den Bossche, and Veerle Cnudde
14:15–14:30 |
Jakob Kloeve Keiding, Eirik Pettersen, and Eyolf Erichsen
14:30–14:45 |
Sara Medeiros, Isabel Fernandes, Benoit Fournier, and João Carlos Nunes
14:45–15:00 |
Svein Willy Danielsen and Ingebrigt Bjørseth
15:15–15:30 |
Fernando Rocha, Cristiana Costa, and Sara Fernandes
15:30–15:45 |
Isabelle Cojan, Thomas Gillot, Frédéric Haurine, Marie-Anne Bruneaux, Catherine Poirier, Frédérique Bourdin, and Sébastien Brasselet