For the open session, we welcome contributions on all aspects of ocean circulation from observations, models and theory, from regional to global scales, from air-sea exchanges to abyssal mixing. This year our session will include the Fridtjof Nansen medal award lecture, by Anne-Marie Treguier. We particularly encourage studies on the interannual to decadal variability and the internal and externally forced physical processes in the ocean. Because accurate estimation of energy and mass fluxes is critical for the closure of the ocean energy budget and the ocean's impact on the atmosphere, this session also welcomes works dealing with processes at the ocean's boundaries. This includes studies focusing on the fundamentals of air-sea flux physics, on the ocean's interaction with the cryosphere, as well as on the physical processes occurring at topographic boundaries. As usual the OS1.1 session also welcomes submissions that do not fit to any of the other special sessions; this includes the oceanography of the Pacific Ocean.

Convener: Eleanor Frajka-Williams | Co-conveners: Johannes Karstensen, Tarron Lamont, Isabela Le Bras
| Mon, 08 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room L6
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X4

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Eleanor Frajka-Williams
X4.78 |
Anila Jo, June-Yi Lee, Axel Timmermann, and Fei-Fei Jin
Hall X4
X4.79 |
Air-sea CO2 fluxes in the ocean-ecosystem model Fesom-REcoM
Judith Hauck, Vibe Schourup-Kristensen, and Ozgur Gurses
Hall X4
X4.80 |
Anna Katavouta and Richard Williams
Hall X4
X4.81 |
Richard G Williams, Anna Katavouta, and Philip Goodwin
Hall X4
X4.82 |
Yona Silvy, Eric Guilyardi, Paul Durack, and Jean-Baptiste Sallée
Hall X4
X4.83 |
Deep Atlantic-Ocean warming facilitated by the deep western boundary current and equatorial Kelvin waves
(withdrawn after no-show)
Min Zhang, Zhaohua Wu, and Fangli Qiao
Hall X4
X4.84 |
Anju Sathyanarayanan, Armin Köhl, and Detlef Stammer
Hall X4
X4.85 |
Fabien Roquet, Etienne Pauthenet, Gurvan Madec, David Nerini, and Jonas Nycander
Hall X4
X4.86 |
Paul Barker and Trevor McDougall
Hall X4
X4.87 |
Julia Getzlaff, Heiner Dietze, and Ulrike Loeptien
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.89 |
Beatriz Ixetl Garcia Gomez, Thierry Penduff, Bernard Barnier, Julio Sheinbaum, Jean-Marc Molines, and Jean-Michel Brankart
Hall X4
X4.90 |
Mousumi Sarkar, Rajesh O. Chauhan, Siddhesh Tirodkar, Shweta Sharma, Manasa Ranjan Behera, and Sridhar Balasubramanian
Hall X4
X4.91 |
Tarron Lamont, Cristina Russo, Gavin Tutt, Marcel van den Berg, Isabelle Ansorge, and Ray Barlow
Hall X4
X4.92 |
Christian Mertens, Maren Walter, Dagmar Kieke, Reiner Steinfeldt, and Monika Rhein
Hall X4
X4.93 |
Tillys Petit, Herle Mercier, and Virginie Thierry
Hall X4
X4.94 |
Bo Tong, Xin Wang, Dongxiao Wang, and Lei Yang
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.96 |
A Near-Uniform Sea Level and Ocean Bottom Pressure Fluctuation and its Associated Change in Temperature over the Antarctic Continental Shelf
Ichiro Fukumori, Ou Wang, and Ian Fenty