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Due to the growing pressures on marine natural resources and the ecosystem services demand, the interest of scientific and politic world is moving to ensure the conservation of marine ecosystems and environmental sustainable development of anthropogenic activities. Recently the principal European policies meet these issues, focusing on maintaining/ reaching the good environmental status (GES) of water bodies (WFD/MSFD) and solving the conflicts between anthropogenic pressures and marine ecosystems (MSP).
Some of the anthropogenic activities could have a potential impact on marine environment altering the marine ecosystems equilibrium. Since the dynamical processes influence the pollutants dispersion, it is compelling to analyse the ecosystems status through the study of abiotic variables distribution at proper spatial and temporal resolution.
From this perspective a large amount of data obtained by global observation systems (e.g. GOOS, EMODNET…) is needed to properly analyse the environmental quality both in the coastal and open ocean areas.
The session focuses on marine ecosystems, abiotic and biotic factors affecting their dynamics, highlighting the effects of anthropogenic impacts.
The following topics will be discussed: quantitative analysis of the effects of pollution on biota considering their natural and anthropogenic sources; benthic and pelagic community dynamics; economic evaluation of natural capital.
In this session multidisciplinary approaches using data coming from multiple sources (mathematical model, in-situ and remote observations) are encouraged.
Studies regarding the marine strategy descriptors, with the aim to develop methods, technologies and best practices to maintain/restore biodiversity and to guarantee a sustainable marine resources use, are also welcome.

Co-organized as BG3.11
Convener: Marco Marcelli | Co-conveners: Paola Del Negro, Markus Weinbauer
| Tue, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room 1.85
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X4

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Paola Del Negro, Markus Weinbauer, Marco Marcelli
X4.118 |
| presentation
Giulia Caporale, Alice Madonia, Marina Penna, and Marco Marcelli
X4.119 |
Daniele Piazzolla, Valentina Cafaro, Giuseppe Andrea De Lucia, Emanuele Mancini, Annalisa Delre, Sergio Scanu, Viviana Piermattei, and Marco Marcelli
X4.120 |
Sergio Scanu, Daniele Piazzolla, Simone Bonamano, Riccardo Martellucci, Lorenzo Costanzo, Davide Bonomo, and Viviana Piermattei
X4.121 |
Francesco Manfredi Frattarelli, Sergio Scanu, Simone Bonamano, Viviana Piermattei, and Marco Marcelli
X4.122 |
Lorenzo Pasculli, Viviana Piermattei, Alice Madonia, Gabriele Bruzzone, Angelo Odetti, Roberta Ferretti, and Simone Bonamano
X4.123 |
Viviana Piermattei, Marco Marcelli, Alice Madonia, Andrea Terribili, and Riccardo Valentini
X4.124 |
Markus Weinbauer, Chiaki Motegi, Yvan Bettarel, Christophe Migon, Olivier Pringault, Jean-Pascal Torréton, and Xavier Mari
X4.125 |
Maximo Aurelio Peviani, Simone Bonamano, Andrea Danelli, Valentina Cafaro, Giordano Agate, and Riccardo Martellucci
X4.126 |
Lorenzo Costanzo, Riccardo Martellucci, Milena Menna, Pierre-Marie Poulain, Riccardo Gerin, and Antonio Bussani
X4.128 |
Alice Madonia, Marco Boschi, Tania Dolce, and Sergio Scanu
X4.129 |
Sujin Kang, Jung-Hyun Kim, Daun Kim, Hyeongseok Song, Jong-Sik Ryu, and Kyung-Hoon Shin
X4.130 |
Marco Boschi, Daniele Piazzolla, Alessandro Neri, Michele Strizzi, Simone Bonamano, Andrea Bonifazi, and Emanuele Mancini
X4.131 |
Lorenzo Maiorino, Geneve Farabegoli, Gaetano Battistella, and Carlo Carlucci
X4.132 |
Jamie Shutler, Peter Land, Helen Findlay, Nicolas Gruber, Yves Quilfen, Emmanuelle Autret, Jean-Francois Piolle, Thomas Holding, Ian Ashton, Roberto Sabia, and Diego Fernandez