Global, continental and other large scale hydrological research is very important in many different contexts. Examples include increasing understanding of the climate system and water cycle, assessment of water resources in a changing environment, hydrological forecasting and water resource management.

We invite contributions from across the atmospheric, meteorological and hydrological communities. In particular, we welcome papers that address advances in:

(i) understanding and predicting the current and future state of our global and large scale water resources;

(ii) use of global earth observations and in-situ datasets for large scale hydrology and data assimilation techniques for large scale hydrological models;

(iii) understanding and modelling of extremes: droughts, floods;

(iv) representing/evaluating different components of the terrestrial water cycle fluxes and storage (e.g. soil moisture, snow, groundwater, lakes, floodplains, evaporation, river discharge) and their impact on current/future water resources and atmospheric modelling.

Convener: Inge de Graaf | Co-conveners: David Hannah, Shannon Sterling, Ruud van der Ent, Reed Maxwell
| Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room B
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall A

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall A

Chairperson: Inge de Graaf
A.12 |
Simulating global freshwater resources with WaterGAP 2.2d
Hannes Müller Schmied, Denise Cáceres, Stephanie Eisner, Christoph Niemann, Thedini Asali Peiris, Eklavyya Popat, Felix Theodor Portmann, Robert Reinecke, Maike Schumacher, Somayeh Shadkam, Camelia Eliza Telteu, Tim Trautmann, and Petra Döll
Hall A
Hall A
A.14 |
Thedini Asali Peiris, Fabian Kneier, Hannes Müller Schmied, Jan Polcher, Yusuke Satoh, Lauren Seaby, Laura Woltersdorf, Dieter Gerten, Yoshihide Wada, and Petra Döll
Hall A
A.15 |
Sly Wongchuig, Rodrigo Paiva, Vinícius Siqueira, and Walter Collischonn
Hall A
A.16 |
Banafsheh Abdollahi, Rolf Hut, Nick van de Giesen, and Jeffrey C. Davids
Hall A
A.17 |
Jerom Aerts, Rolf Hut, Niels Drost, Berend Weel, Gijs van den Oord, Stefan Verhoeven, Inti Pelupessy, Yifat Dzigan, and Maarten van Meersbergen
Hall A
A.18 |
Frequency analyses, seasonality and regionalisation of floods in the Danube River basin
Martin Morlot, Mitja Brilly, and Mojca Šraj
Hall A
A.19 |
H.M. Mehedi Hasan, Andreas Güntner, and Fabrice Papa
Hall A
A.20 |
Tobias Stacke, Philipp de Vrese, and Stefan Hagemann
Hall A
Hall A
Hall A
A.23 |
Charles West, Rafael Rosolem, Alan MacDonald, and Thorsten Wagener
Hall A
A.24 |
Alban de Lavenne, Jude Musuuza, Alena Bartosova, and Berit Arheimer
Hall A
A.25 |
Johanna Scheidegger, Jisha Joseph, Christopher Jackson, Subimal Gosh, Sekhar Muddu, Sat Kumar Tomer, Jimmy O'Keeffe, and Simon Moulds
Hall A
A.26 |
Thomas Verbeke, Ardalan Tootchi, Anne Jost, Josefine Ghattas, Frédérique Cheruy, and Agnès Ducharne
Hall A
A.27 |
Ana Oliveira, Tiago Ramos, Lucian Simionesei, Maria Gonçalves, and Ramiro Neves
Hall A
A.28 |
Estanislao Pujades, Oldrich Rakovec, Rohini Kumar, Luis Samaniego, and Sabine Attinger
Hall A