Since 1989, the IAG regional reference frame sub-commission 1.3a EUREF has merged efforts of National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCA), Universities and Research Institutes to define, realize and maintain the European Terrestrial Reference System 1989 (ETRS89) and the European Vertical Reference System (EVRS) for scientific and practical purposes in Europe. Technical development, new applications and increased accuracy of observations are setting new demands for the realizations of the reference systems.

The EUREF community, mainly consisting of National Mapping Agencies and research institutes, is providing a large variety of data and data products. The product catalogue covers file-based and real-time GNSS data, position and velocity estimates from multi-year solutions, position time series, zenith path delay estimates, and real-time GNSS corrections (see for details). Many products are based on improved results coming from repeated GNSS re-processing.

Many applications, in particular those covering global or worldwide aspects will most likely use global reference systems like the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF). In this session we would like to figure out the potential of specific continental reference frame realizations. We are looking for contributions using EUREF data and/or products, in particular (but not limited to)
- Usage of ETRS89 and EVRS
- Potential of the EPN Densification
- Investigations on position time series and on velocities
- Crustal deformation and modelling for deformation
- National realizations of the ETRS89 or EVRS
- Future on regional reference frame realisation

Convener: Markku Poutanen | Co-conveners: Ambrus Kenyeres, Wolfgang Soehne
| Mon, 08 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room D1
| Attendance Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X3

Attendance time: Monday, 8 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X3

Chairperson: Ambrus Kenyeres, Wolfgang Söhne and Markku Poutanen
X3.11 |
| Highlight
Markku Poutanen, Zuheir Altamimi, Elmar Brockmann, Carine Bruyninx, Alessandro Caporali, Rolf Dach, Jan Dousa, Rui Fernandes, Ambrus Kenyeres, Juliette Legrand, Martin Lidberg, Tomasz Liwosz, Rosa Pacione, Martina Sacher, Wolfgang Söhne, Joao Torres, and Christof Völksen
Hall X3
X3.12 |
Ambrus Kenyeres, Carine Bruyninx, Martina Sacher, Heiner Denker, and Rui Fernandes
Hall X3
X3.13 |
Wolfgang Soehne and Joao Agria Torres
Hall X3
X3.14 |
Ion-Anastasios Karolos, Christos Pikridas, Aristeidis Fotiou, and Stylianos Bitharis
Hall X3
Hall X3
X3.16 |
Faramarz Nilfouroushan, Lotti Jivall, Naim Al Munaizel, Christina Lilje, and Christina Kempe
Hall X3
X3.17 |
Juliette Legrand and Carine Bruyninx
Hall X3
X3.18 |
Balint Magyar and Ambrus Kenyeres
Hall X3
X3.19 |
Simon Lutz and Elmar Brockmann
Hall X3
X3.20 |
Jaanus Metsar, Karin Kollo, Artu Ellmann, Priit Pihlak, and Andres Rüdja
Hall X3
X3.21 |
Slaveyko Gospodinov, Elena Peneva, Tatyana Lambeva, and Sasho Dimeski
Hall X3
X3.22 |
Tobias Kersten, Johannes Kröger, Yannick Breva, and Steffen Schön
Hall X3
X3.23 |
Dimitris Anastasiou, Athanassios Ganas, Juliette Legrand, Carine Bruyninx, Xanthos Papanikolaou, Varvara Tsironi, and Vasilis Kapetanidis