Mountain environments host highly dynamical and widespread erosion, sedimentation, and weathering processes. These processes cover a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, from glacial & periglacial erosion, mechanical & chemical weathering, rock fall, debris flows, landslides, to river aggradation & incision. These processes react to a wide spectrum of external and internal forcings, including permafrost retreat, strong precipitation events, climate change, earthquakes or sudden internal failure. Measuring the dynamical interplay of erosion, sedimentation as well as quantifying their rates and fluxes is an important part of source to sink research but it is highly challenging and often limited by difficult terrain. Furthermore, these dynamical processes can threaten important mountain infrastructures and need to be understood and quantified for a better societal and engineering preparation to the natural hazards they pose.

We welcome contributions investigating:
- sediment mobilization and deposition
- links between erosion, weathering, and the carbon cycle
- concepts of dynamics and connectivity of sediments and solutes
- quantification of erosion, sedimentation, and weathering fluxes in space and time
- sediment travel times and transport processes
- interaction of stabilizing and destabilizing processes on the slopes
We invite presentations that focus on conceptual, methodological, or modelling approaches or a combination of those in mountain environments and particularly encourage early career scientists to apply for this session.

Co-organized as CR4.8/HS9.2.4/NH3.19/SSS2.20
Convener: Luca C Malatesta | Co-conveners: Jan Henrik Blöthe, Aaron Bufe, Kristen Cook, Sabine Kraushaar
| Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30, 14:00–15:45
Room D3
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Hall X2

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 08:30–10:15 | Hall X2

Chairperson: Luca Malatesta
X2.1 |
Dissolved inorganic carbon export by tropical mountainous rivers of the Western Ghats, India
(withdrawn after no-show)
Kiran Kumar Reddy Shiligireddy, Harish Gupta, and Venkat Reddy Donti Reddy
X2.4 |
| Highlight
Emma Graf, Mikael Attal, and Hugh Sinclair
X2.6 |
| Highlight
L. Adrian Bruijnzeel, Jun Zhang, and H.J. (Ilja) van Meerveld
X2.7 |
Changing hydrological and suspended sediment dynamics in high-alpine areas – how do different environmental variables influence sediment dynamics?
Lena Katharina Schmidt, Till Francke, Stefan Achleitner, Johannes Schöber, Daniel Pfurtscheller, Matthias Siebers, Theresa Blume, and Axel Bronstert
X2.8 |
Davide Danilo Chiarelli, Andrea Soncini, Corrado Passera, Maria Cristina Rulli, Daniele Bocchiola, Marco Gianinetto, Martina Aiello, Renata Vezzoli, Francesco Rota Nodari, Francesco Polinelli, and Federico Frassy
X2.9 |
Joachim Götz, Bernhard Salcher, and Lothar Schrott
X2.10 |
Katherine Schide, Sean Gallen, Maarten Lupker, Lena Märki, Negar Haghipour, Marcus Christl, and Sean Willett
X2.11 |
Julien Charreau, Apolline Mariotti, Pierre-Henri Blard, Carole Petit, Stéphane Molliex, Samuel Toucanne, Stephan Jorry, and Aster ASTER Team
X2.12 |
Camille Litty, Julien Charreau, Pierre Henri Blard, and Raphael Pik
X2.14 |
Linda Kirstein, Rebekah Harries, Mikael Attal, and Alex Whittaker
X2.15 |
Ji-Shang Wang, Yu-Chao Hsu, Yu-Wen Su, Chyan-Deng Jan, Guei-Lin Fu, Huan-Hsi Tsai, and Yen-Chun Fang
X2.16 |
Alex Garces, Gerardo Zegers, Albert Cabré, German Aguilar, and Santiago Montserrat
X2.17 |
Moritz Altmann, Florian Haas, Tobias Heckmann, Frédéric Liébault, and Michael Becht
X2.18 |
Igor Lisac, Jean Braun, Gianluca Botter, Eric Deal, Bodo Bookhagen, and Renee van Dongen
X2.19 |
Jeonghoon Lee, Hye-Bin Choi, Seung-Gu Lee, and Jong-Sik Ryu
X2.20 |
Antoine Cogez, Julien Bouchez, Jiubin Chen, Benjamin Chetelat, and Jérôme Gaillardet
X2.21 |
Debasish Pal, Nejc Bezak, and Stefano Galelli