This session seeks to explore current research into sediment dispersal systems from a process-based and quantitative source-to-sink perspective.

The study of source-to-sink systems relates long-term variations in sediment flux from source terrains to the morphological and stratigraphic evolution of depositional systems. These variations can reflect allogenic controls and/or autogenic self-organization over a wide range of time scales. Earth’s modern source-to-sink systems are becoming increasingly well characterized due to the proliferation and analysis of big data by academic researchers and industry scientists. Moreover, much progress has also been made transforming these insights into the potential for quantitative and predictive insights into the ancient stratigraphic record, but this remains a major challenge that requires integration of field data, numerical models, and experimental results.

We invite contributions based on observation of field and remotely-sensed data as well as analogue and numerical modelling. We aim to cover a large range of autogenic and allogenic forcing mechanisms that operate on multiple time scales from the significance of individual transport events to the large-scale filling of sedimentary basins.

Convener: Sara Morón | Co-conveners: Mike Blum, William Helland-Hansen, Björn Nyberg, Tor Sømme
| Thu, 11 Apr, 14:00–18:00
Room -2.32
| Attendance Wed, 10 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X1

Attendance time: Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X1

Chairperson: Morón &Nyberg
X1.157 |
Mike Blum, Kimberly Rogers, James Gleason, and Yani Najman
X1.158 |
Morphodynamic characteristics of the braided Upper Lancang River, China
(withdrawn after no-show)
Peng Gao, Zhiwei Li, and Xu Yan
X1.159 |
Shuqing Qiao, Xuefa Shi, Lin Zhou, Limin Hu, Gang Yang, Yanguang Liu, and Zhengquan Yao
X1.160 |
Quantification of Changes in Grain Character from the Shelf to Slope: a case study from the Eocene Sobrarbe Deltaic Complex
Grace Cosgrove, Miquel Poyatos-More, David Hodgson, David Lee, Nigel Mountney, and William McCaffrey
X1.162 |
Clement Narteau, Ping Lü, Philippe Claudin, Zhibao Dong, Sébastien Rodriguez, Laura Fernandez-Cascales, and Sylvain Courrech du Pont
X1.163 |
Liquefaction deposits ahead of the Köfels rockslide mass (Eastern Alps)
Clemens Geitner, Christoph Prager, and Diethard Sanders
X1.164 |
Abdullah Wahbi, Caroline Nazworth, and Mike Blum
X1.165 |
Sedimentary Processes of Delta-Fed Gravity Flow in Rift Lacustrine Basin: A case study from Paleogene Es1+Ed Formation in Qikou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Northeast China
Tianhao Gong, Si Chen, Jianghao Ma, Yanpu Zhao, Yuehui Zhang, and Kai Pan
X1.166 |
Sara Morón, Mike Blum, Bruce Frederick, Tristan Salles, Stephen Gallagher, and Louis Moresi
X1.167 |
Sara Venuleo, Anton J. Schleiss, and Mário J. Franca
X1.168 |
John Counts, Lawrence Amy, Robert Dorrell, Peter Haughton, Aggeliki Georgiopoulou, and Ivan Lokmer
X1.169 |
Albina Gilmullina, Tore Grane Klausen, William Helland-Hansen, and Christian Haug Eide