The southeast Atlantic off the African south western coast is the location for interactions between aerosols, clouds, and radiation ultimately affecting climate. A wide-spread stratocumulus cloud deck is a permanent feature in this region shaping the regional radiation budget, the local water budget through the formation of coastal fog, and potentially the global climate. Aerosols from multiple sources, including biomass and fuel burning, mineral dust, and marine, emitted or transported below or above the cloud deck, can significantly change the microphysical and radiative properties of the clouds. Currently these processes are poorly understood, which is reflected in the diversity of model simulation results of radiative forcing. Studies that present new observations and modelling of the aforementioned properties, interactions and implications over the southeast Atlantic and adjacent continental regions are solicited

Convener: Paola Formenti | Co-conveners: Jan Cermak, Jim Haywood, Jens Redemann, Paquita Zuidema
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room 0.49
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X5

Attendance time: Thursday, 11 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X5

X5.294 |
Role of brown carbon on aerosol absorption properties over the Southeast Atlantic region
Alexandre Siméon
X5.295 |
Aerosol and cloud properties through 3MI airborne simulator measurements: AEROCLO-sA field campaign in the Namibian region.
Aurélien Chauvigne, Fabien Waquet, Frederic Auriol, Luc Blarel, Cyril Delegove, Oleg Dubovik, Cyrille Flamant, Philippe Goloub, Rodrigue Loisil, Marc Mallet, Jean-Marc Nicolas, Frederic Parol, Fanny Peers, Benjamin Torres, and Paola Formenti
X5.296 |
Samuel LeBlanc, Jens Redemann, Connor Flynn, Kristina Pistone, Michal Segal-Rosenhaimer, Yohei Shinozuka, Stephen Broccardo, Kerry Meyer, Richard Ferrare, Sharon Burton, Chris Hostetler, and Johnathan Hair
X5.297 |
Robert Spirig, Christian Feigenwinter, Andreas Wicki, Joel Franceschi, Roland Vogt, Bianca Adler, Norbert Kalthoff, Hendrik Andersen, Julia Fuchs, Jan Cermak, Maike Hacker, Niklas Wagner, Andreas Bott, and Gillian Maggs-Kölling
X5.298 |
Anne Monod, Pierre Herckes, Denise Napolitano, Chiara Giorio, Roland Mushi, Gillian Maggs-Kölling, Barbara D’Anna, Bruno Coulomb, Jean-Luc Boudenne, Stuart J. Piketh, Andreas Namwoonde, and Paola Formenti
X5.299 |
Maike Hacker, Bianca Adler, Hendrik Andersen, Jan Cermak, Norbert Kalthoff, Robert Spirig, Roland Vogt, and Andreas Bott
X5.300 |
Paola Formenti, Marc Daniel Mallet, Barbara D’Anna, Cyrielle Denjean, Chiara Giorio, Karine Desboeufs, Danitza Klopper, Jean-François Doussin, Servanne Chevaillier, Anais Feron, Cecile Mirande-Bret, Sylvain Triquet, Thierry Bourrianne, Frederic Burnet, Chibo Chikwililwa, Andreas Namwoonde, and Stuart J. Piketh
X5.301 |
Barbara D’Anna, Chiara Giorio, Paola Formenti, Marc Daniel Mallet, Evangelia Kostenidou, Cyrielle Denjean, Karine Desboeufs, Jean-François Doussin, Anne Monod, Thierry Bourrianne, Chibo Chikwililwa, Andreas Namwoonde, and Stuart Piketh
X5.302 |
HuiHui Wu, Jonathan Taylor, Paul William, Michael Flynn, James Allan, Dantong Liu, Steven Abel, Jim Haywood, and Hugh Coe
X5.303 |
Patrick Chazette, Cyrille Flamant, Julien Totems, Gwendoline Smith, Alexandre Baron, Xavier Landsheere, Karine Desboeufs, Jean-François Doussin, and Paola Formenti
X5.305 |
Jonathan Taylor, Kate Szpek, HuiHui Wu, Paul Williams, Justin Langridge, Michael Cotterell, Cathryn Fox, Jim Haywood, and Hugh Coe
X5.306 |
Ian Chang, Jens Redemann, Hong Chen, Gonzalo Ferrada, Connor Flynn, Lan Gao, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Samuel Leblanc, Marc Mallet, Kerry Meyer, Kristina Pistone, Pablo Saide, Sebastian Schmidt, Michal Segal-Rosenhaimer, Yohei Shinozuka, Paquita Zuidema, and Sundar Christopher
X5.309 |
| Highlight
Smoke and Clouds above the Southeast Atlantic: Emerging Results from international field campaigns to study the role of biomass burning smoke on clouds and climate
Robert Wood, Paola Formenti, Jim Haywood, Jens Redemann, and Paquita Zuidema