Many situations occur in Geosciences where one wants to obtain an accurate description of the present, past or future state of a particular system. Examples are prediction of weather and climate, assimilation of observations, or inversion of seismic signals for probing the interior of the planet. One important aspect is the identification of the errors affecting the various sources of information used in the estimation process, and the quantification of the ensuing uncertainty on the final estimate.

The session is devoted to the theoretical and numerical aspects of that broad class of problems. A large number of topics are dealt with in the various papers to be presented: algorithms for assimilation of observations, and associated mathematical aspects (particularly, but not only, in the context of the atmosphere and the ocean), predictability of geophysical flows, with stress on the impact of initial and model errors, inverse problems of different kinds, and also new aspects at the crossing between data assimilation and data-driven methods. Applications to specific physical problems are presented.

Solicited Speakers
Olivier Pannekoucke (Météo-France, Toulouse)
Manuel Pulido (University of Reading)

Co-organized as AS5.18/HS3.6/OS4.21
Convener: Olivier Talagrand | Co-conveners: Javier Amezcua, Natale Alberto Carrassi, Amos Lawless, Mu Mu, Wansuo Duan, Stéphane Vannitsem
| Fri, 12 Apr, 08:30–12:30
Room L2
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Hall X4

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 14:00–15:45 | Hall X4

X4.272 |
Meiyi Hou, Wansuo Duan, and Xiefei Zhi
X4.273 |
Lingjiang Tao and Wansuo Duan
X4.275 |
Errors in Current Velocity in the Low-latitude North Pacific: Results from the Regional Ocean Modeling System
(withdrawn after no-show)
Wansuo Duan and Xixi Wen
X4.276 |
Ondřej Tichý, Václav Šmídl, Lukáš Ulrych, and Radek Hofman
X4.278 |
Brian Ancell, Austin Coleman, and Aaron Hill
X4.280 |
A novel boundary–type mesh–free approach for modeling the two–dimensional inverse Cauchy problems in a multiply connected domain
Jing En Xiao and Cheng Yu Ku
X4.282 |
Maria Magdalena Lucini, Peter Jan van Leeuwen, Tadeo Javier Cocucci, and Manuel Arturo Pulido
X4.284 |
Qinzhuo Liao, Gang Lei, and Shirish Patil
X4.285 |
Michael Goodliff, Steven Fletcher, Anton Kliewer, John Forsythe, and Andrew Jones
X4.286 |
Seung-tae Lee, Yang-Ki Cho, Jihun Jung, Byoung-Ju Choi, Young Ho Kim, and Sangil Kim
X4.287 |
Hailiang Du and Leonard Smith
X4.288 |
Steven Fletcher, Michael Goodliff, Anton Kliewer, Andrew Jones, and John Forsthye
X4.291 |
Luca Cantarello, Onno Bokhove, Steve Tobias, Gordon Inverarity, and Stefano Migliorini
X4.293 |
Anu Kauppi, Pekka Kolmonen, Marko Laine, and Johanna Tamminen
X4.294 |
Gernot Geppert, Tristan Quaife, and Natalie Douglas
X4.296 |
Marie Bocher and Michael G. Tetley