This session aims to bring together researchers working with big data sets generated from monitoring networks, extensive observational campaigns and detailed modeling efforts across various fields of geosciences. Topics of this session will include the identification and handling of specific problems arising from the need to analyze such large-scale data sets, together with methodological approaches towards semi or fully automated inference of relevant patterns in time and space aided by computer science-inspired techniques. Among others, this session shall address approaches from the following fields:
• Dimensionality and complexity of big data sets
• Data mining in Earth sciences
• Machine learning, including deep learning and other advanced approaches
• Visualization and visual analytics of big data
• Informatics and data science
• Emerging big data paradigms, such as datacubes

Co-organized as AS5.20/CL5.25/ESSI2.3/GD8.5/HS3.5/NH11.11/SM7.8
Convener: Mikhail Kanevski | Co-conveners: Peter Baumann, Sandro Fiore, Kwo-Sen Kuo, Nicolas Younan
| Mon, 08 Apr, 10:45–12:30, 14:00–18:00
Room L3
| Attendance Tue, 09 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

Attendance time: Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X4

Chairperson: Mikhail Kanevski, Peter Baumann, Sandro Fiore, Kwo-Sen Kuo, Nicolas Younan
X4.227 |
Federico Amato, Fabian Guignard, and Mikhail Kanevski
Hall X4
X4.228 |
Tropical cyclone cloud coverage segmentation using convolutional neural networks with combined input parameters
Kien Nguyen, Elizabeth Ritchie, and Scott Tyo
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.230 |
Lauren Zweifel, Maxim Samarin, Katrin Meusburger, and Christine Alewell
Hall X4
X4.231 |
Eduardo Zorita and Marlene Klockmann
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.233 |
Using Neural Networks to Predict Subsurface Reservoir Properties
David Taylor, David Hodgetts, and Ginny-Marie Bradley
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.235 |
Brydon Lowney, Ivan Lokmer, Christopher J Bean, Gareth Shane O'Brien, and Michael Igoe
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.237 |
Alina Walch, Roberto Castello, Nahid Mohajeri, and Jean-Louis Scartezzini
Hall X4
X4.238 |
Alistair Francis, Panagiotis Sidiropoulos, and Jan-Peter Muller
Hall X4
X4.239 |
| Highlight
Anne Jones, Blair Edwards, Katharina Reusch, and Paolo Fraccaro
Hall X4
X4.240 |
Well log lithology classification using supervised and unsupervised machine learning
Nadima Dwihusna, Mohamed Mohamed, and Xiaoyu Zhu
Hall X4
X4.241 |
Artur Safin, Damien Bouffard, Fotis Georgatos, Eric Bouillet, Fernando Perez Cruz, Alfred Wüest, Siddhartha Mishra, and Jonas Sukys
Hall X4
X4.242 |
Hitoshi Miyamoto, Akito Momose, Shuji Iwami, Takuya Sato, and Takayuki Nagaya
Hall X4
X4.243 |
Kwo-Sen Kuo, Mike Bauer, Michael Rilee, and Amidu Oloso
Hall X4
X4.244 |
Chao Li
Hall X4
X4.245 |
Sara Shaeri Karimi, Neil Saintilan, and Li Wen
Hall X4
Hall X4
X4.247 |
Kasra Rafiezadeh Shahi, Mahdi Khodadadzadeh, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, and Richard Gloaguen
Hall X4
X4.248 |
Maurin Radtke, Benedikt Graeler, Eike Hinderk Jürrens, and Simon Jirka
Hall X4
X4.249 |
Artificial Neural Networks to interpret CPTs for geological modelling
Jan Gunnink, Denise Maljers, Mattijs Borst, and Bert de Doelder
Hall X4
X4.250 |
Ana del Águila, Dmitry S. Efremenko, Víctor Molina García, and Jian Xu
Hall X4
X4.251 |
Using SOM neural network to improve land use and cover training samples from satellite image time series
Karine Reis Ferreira, Lorena Alves Santos, Gilberto Camara, and Michelle Cristina Araujo Picoli
Hall X4