During the last decade significant advances in our understanding of the development of Cenozoic polar continental margins have been made. These include more detailed reconstructions of the climatic, oceanographic, and tectonic evolution of high northern and southern latitudes over various time scales, as well as reconstructions of past ice-sheet dynamics and studies of marine geohazards. Results have been obtained from conventional and high-resolution 2D and 3D seismic surveying, as well as from short sediment cores and longer drill cores (e.g. IODP, MeBo).
Fjords are regarded as “small oceans” that incise high latitude coastlines and link continental margins with the interiors of landmasses. Fjord settings allow us to study a variety of geological processes similar to those that have occurred on glaciated continental margins, but typically at smaller scales. The contribution of several sediment sources (e.g. glacial, fluvioglacial, fluvial, biological) to fjord basins along with relatively high sedimentation rates also provides the potential for high-resolution palaeoclimatic and palaeooceanographic records on decadal to centennial timescales.
The aim of this multi-disciplinary session is to follow on from the success of previous years by bringing together researchers working on northern and southern high-latitude continental margins and fjords, investigating the dynamics of past ice sheets, climate, tectonics, sedimentary processes, physical oceanography, and palaeo-biology/ecology.

Convener: Michele Rebesco | Co-conveners: Matthias Forwick, H. Christian Hass (deceased), Berit Oline Hjelstuen, Jan Sverre Laberg
| Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45, 16:15–18:00
Room E2
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X5

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Berit Oline Hjelstuen
Arctic continental margins and fjords
Hall X5
X5.21 |
Jan Sverre Laberg, Tom Arne Rydningen, Ingrid L. Olsen, Matthias Forwick, and Katrine Husum
Hall X5
X5.22 |
Peat formation of Mabel Island, Franz Josef Land archipelago
Ekaterina Nosevich, Mikhail Anisimov, Tatyana Sapelko, and Zinaida Pushina
Hall X5
X5.23 |
Kwangchul Jang, Seung-Il Nam, Jung-Hyun Kim, Matthias Forwick, and Witold Szczuciński
Hall X5
X5.24 |
Maurizio Demarte, Roberta Ivaldi, Michele Rebesco, and Luigi Sinapi
Hall X5
X5.25 |
Seung-Il Nam, Young Ji Joo, Kwangchul Jang, Jung-Hyun Kim, Yeong Ju Son, Dahae Kim Kim, Young Jin Joe, Kwangkyu Park, and Matthias Forwick
Hall X5
X5.26 |
Harikrishnan Guruvayoorappan, Arto Miettinen, Dmitry Divine, Matthias Moros, and Rahul Mohan
Hall X5
X5.27 |
Gianni Madrussani, Giuliana Rossi, Michele Rebesco, Stefano Picotti, Roger Urgeles, and Jaume Llopart
Hall X5
Antarctic continental margins and fjords
Hall X5
Hall X5
X5.29 |
Erin McClymont, Charlotte Spencer-Jones, Nele Lamping, Juliane Mueller, Oliver Esper, Kate Hendry, Elaine Mawbey, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Gerhard Kuhn, and James Smith
Hall X5
X5.30 |
Luca Zurli, Matteo Perotti, Franco Maria Talarico, Rob McKay, Laura De Santis, and Denise Kulhanek and the IODP_exp374 Scientists
Hall X5
X5.31 |
Michele Rebesco, Rudy Conte, Jenny Gales, Laura De Santis, Fabrizio Zgur, Sookwan Kim, Daniela Accettella, Francesca Bataglia, Elisabetta Olivo, Chiara Sauli, Vedrana Kovacevic, Andrea Bergamasco, Laura De Steur, Cristian Florindo-Lopez, Manuel Bensi, Dino Viezzoli, Laura Ursella, Renata Giulia Lucchi, Andrea Caburlotto, and Florence Colleoni
Hall X5
X5.32 |
Renata Giulia Lucchi, Andrea Caburlotto, Stefano Miserocchi, Yanguang Liu, Caterina Morigi, Davide Persico, Giuliana Villa, Leonardo Langone, Ester Colizza, Patrizia Macrì, Leonardo Sagnotti, Rudy Conte, and Michele Rebesco
Hall X5
X5.33 |
Chiara Sauli, Daniela Accettella, Andrea Bergamasco, Giuseppe Brancatelli, Mihai Burca, Martina Busetti, Mauro Caffau, Florence Colleoni, Ester Colizza, Nicola Corradi, Vedrana Kovacevic, Raffaella Tolotti, Dino Viezzoli, and Massimo Zecchin
Hall X5
X5.34 |
Raffaella Tolotti, Meghan Duffy, Isabel Dove, Meaghan Kendall, Federica Donda, Roberto Romeo, Riccardo Geletti, Andrea Caburlotto, Leanne Armand, Phil O’Brien, Amy Leventer, Laura De Santis, and Nicola Corradi