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Detecting and attributing the fingerprint of anthropogenic climate change in long-term observed climatic trends is an active area of research. Though the science is well established for temperature related variables, the study of other climate indicators including hydrometeorological variables pose greater challenges due to their greater complexity and rarity.

Complementary to this, assessing the extent to which extreme weather events and impacts are attributable to anthropogenic climate change is a rapidly developing science, with emerging schools of thought on the methodology. Once again, the attribution of hydrometeorological events, long-term trends in these events and/or their impacts is less straightforward than temperature-related events.

This session solicits the latest studies from the spectrum of detection and/or attribution approaches. By considering studies over this wide range of temporal and spatial scales we aim to identify common/new methods, current challenges, and avenues for expanding the detection and attribution community. We particularly welcome submissions that compare approaches, or address hydrometerological trends, extremes and/or impacts – all of which test the limits of the present science.

Convener: Pardeep Pall | Co-conveners: Alexis Hannart, Seung-Ki Min, Aurélien Ribes
| Fri, 12 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Room F2
| Attendance Fri, 12 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Hall X5

Attendance time: Friday, 12 April 2019, 16:15–18:00 | Hall X5

Chairperson: Pardeep Pall
X5.80 |
Xin-Gang Dai and Ping Wang
X5.83 |
Effects of Land Use and Land Use Change on Regional Temperature Variations in Beijing
Wei Cao, Jiangwen Fan, Lin Huang, Duanyang Xu, Hongyan Ren, Junxing Yang, and Yunfeng Hu
X5.84 |
Jiapeng Miao, Tao Wang, Huijun Wang, Yali Zhu, and Jianqi Sun
X5.85 |
Haider Ali, Hayley Fowler, Elizabeth Lewis, and Vimal Mishra
X5.86 |
Alexander Koch, Chris Brierley, Maryam Ilyas, and Natalie Wennyk
X5.87 |
| presentation
Madline Kniebusch, H. E. Markus Meier, and Hagen Radtke
X5.88 |
Laura Jensen, Annette Eicker, Henryk Dobslaw, Tobias Stacke, and Vincent Humphrey
X5.89 |
Heat waves in South America: Observations and Model Projections
Sarah Feron, Raul R. Cordero, Alessandro Damiani, and Pedro Llanillo
X5.90 |
Shift towards intense and widespread precipitation events over the United States by mid 21st century
Deeksha Rastogi, Moetasim Ashfaq, and Danielle Touma
X5.91 |
Extreme precipitation in the Netherlands: an event attribution case study
Jonathan Eden, Sarah Kew, Omar Bellprat, Geert Lenderink, Iris Manola, Hiba Omrani, and Geert Jan van Oldenborgh
X5.92 |
| presentation
Luigi Cesarini, Mario Martina, Gabriella Petaccia, and Giuseppe Barbero